Sunday, March 22, 2009

DISNEY: Fantasia Miniature Golf -- Fantasia Fairways

[In this entry, we visit the Fantasia Fairways course. (For the Fantasia Gardens course, click HERE)]

"Fantasia Fairways (for the more serious golfers) challenges with exaggerated contours, menacing water hazards and diabolical sand traps. The layout combines par-three and par-four holes ranging in length from 40 to 75 feet. Par is 61 and covers 1,445 feet." (from AllEarsNet)

Hole 1: Rolling Symphony (65 ft., par 3)
Brave the ups and downs of this hold and your score will be off to a melodious start.

Hole 2: Chernabog's Revenge (75 ft., par 3)
Carefully choose your line on this hole or you could end up with a night on one of these four Bald Mountains.
Hole 3: Pastoral Simplicity (91 ft., par 3)
Like a Beethoven symphony, this hole looks easy but in fact is very difficult to play

Hole 4: The Nutcracker (83 ft., par 4)
A precise and well-aimed first shot will make this nutcracker sweet

Hole 5: Ave Maria (101 ft., par 4)
You'll be saying a few of these if you end up in the large sand trap to the right.

Hole 6: The Legend of Yen Sid (74 ft., par 3)
You don't need to be a sorcerer's apprentice to ace this hole but it sure would help.

Hole 7: Ballet of the Bunkers (75 ft., par 3)
Ben Ali Gator - You're ball will have to twist and turn like that dancing gator to avoid this trio of traps.

Hole 8: Zeus' Thunderbolt (60 ft., par 3)
Mere mortals will be at the mercy of this mythological predicament

Hole 9: Bacchus' Corner (79 ft., par 4)
The green is just a stone's throw from the tee, but this can be a very sobering hole for the careless

Hole 10: Dance of the Crown (88 ft., par 4)
The key to this hole is to step lightly and gracefully down the middle of the fairway

Hole 11: Skeleton Dance (80 ft., par 4)
This hole can be downright ghoulish if you fail to dance around that large sand trap on the right of the fairway

Hole 12: The Rite of Spring (91 ft., par 4)
That's exactly where you want to stay on this rambling hole of prehistoric import.

Hole 13: Pegasus (83 ft., par 3)
You'll have to wing it on this hole to avoid those nasty bunkers on the right and left

Hole 14: Brooding Brudus (72 ft., par 3)
Like the centaur from the Pastoral Symphony, you'll do a slow burn if you end up all wet and lonely on this one

Hole 15: Ostrich Island (66 ft., par 3)
The trick here is to make like a plumed ballet dancer from Dance of the Hours and get Upanova the bridge

Hole 16: Rock'n'Roller (84 ft., par 3)
This hole will make you want to roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news

Hole 17: Hippo Bend (75 ft., par 3)
The weighty issues on this hole are avoiding the large trap on the right and staying out of the water

Hole 18: The Grand Finale (103 ft., par 4)
Here's your chance to finish your symphony of strokes with a flourish. Bravo! Encore, encore.

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llbigwave said...

I played this course in 2002. It's even tougher than it looks (at least to someone of my limited skill)! I don't remember my score, which is probably just as well. Thanks for stirring up some pleasant memories!