Sunday, March 29, 2009

MOVIES: Monsters vs. Aliens

I just got back from watching Monsters vs. Aliens in RealD with Chuck, and I have to agree with a review I read on titled ["Monsters Vs Aliens" - long on laughs & spectacle, short on emotionally-satisfying storytelling].

The movie was good -- very funny in many parts and the animation was fantastic, but the story lacked depth and didn't direct the audience's emotion well.

Seth Rogan's B.O.B. was a stand-out as very effectively hilarious and Reese Witherspoon's Ginormica provided the main story and heart, but IMHO, Rainn Wilson's Gallaxhar and Stephen Colbert's President Hathaway were painful and embarrassing.

Still, the movie was really good (but not as good as Kung Fu Panda), and I could totally see Universal Studios Orlando replacing the Jimmy Neutron ride with some sort of MvA iteration.

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sisonymous said...

I saw this - in a theatre! in 3D! and in IMAX! It was cool. Susan's voice was a little annoying-ish, but I LOVED B.O.B.'s stoner laugh. *Huh huh huh* And when he was bouncing the ball/eyeball. I agree with the embarrasing alien and president. I liked Will Arnett's voice and I think I liked Dr. Cockroach more after I realized it was Hugh Laurie. And insectosaurus. awwww... fuzzy :)

I liked how the 3D was not a gimmicky "reach out and touch it" but more like looking into a window of action with the depth perception.