Tuesday, March 03, 2009

JOURNAL: INAH & Lower Expectations [Abridged]

Today was a rough day. It was my first day back after a week-long business trip, a busy but joyous first half of the weekend, followed by a scratchy/fumey-throated second half of the weekend+Monday. I actually made myself a breakfast sandwich this morning and got to work on time, but things just got progressively more trying and the late afternoon culminated in an overwhelming feeling that brought me to the edge of becoming unsightly and left me needing to vent.

And I did. If I hadn't, then this entry probably wouldn't've been post-able.


The pessimistic/realistic part of me would tell myself to keep expectations low for the rest of the week, but the part of me that keeps my spirits "alive" doesn't want to feel like it has to sacrifice hope for pleasant surprises and successes. Perhaps, this hope is better reserved for the parks and that I should surrender to the weight of the all-too-true "it's only a job" mantra.

This is where I would've put an *INAH*, but I did just go to the gym and haven't taken a shower yet, and still have endorphins coursing through my veins. Plus I'm reflecting on a new interest. Maybe I'llGAH soon?)

[and just for record, I... ran to the gym; jogged 2 1/2 laps on top; did 4 sets of ProStretches per foot; ran 1.04 miles on the treadmill (in 9:30); completed two sets of the following: lateral raises, dips, chin-ups, lat pulldowns, and tricep extensions; ran 5 more laps on top; then ran home]

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