Wednesday, March 04, 2009

JOURNAL: The Next Day

I made a blah-g post yesterday, which I now have in archive. It basically was a residual vent after becoming overwhelmed at work, and I talked about how I should re-adjust my expectations.

Well, I left my expectations open, and I managed to get through work fine. The Toastmasters Officers Meeting went very smoothly (I surprised myself), and I survived the design meeting -- I didn't have to "present" much, and I was earnestly glad with how other people did come together to clarify a lot of the effort for me (and I was actually able to follow everything that was discussed).

After work, I had a few options: fun run at the zoo, spinning with some co-workers, or a Toastmasters meeting in Cocoa. I went with the Toastmasters (I want the C.A.P. credit).

It was a fine meeting. Everyone had to wear multiple hats, and I ended up evaluating the General Evaluator for his CL credit, did a Table Topic, acted as the Ah-Counter, filled out my CAP form, and gave some comments as the guest. After a couple years of Toastmasters, my speaking is still riddled with ah's and um's. I think my mind just gets away from me. The only time I can get focused is when I'm D&T. Too bad I hid my last post (I may repost but only the gym pics).

Anyways, the meeting was two-hours long (a record for me), and I was pretty exhausted afterwards. Still, I went to the gym from 8:40pm-9:55pm, because I needed into a routine, and I had some more anxiety to work off.

What I did: 3 1/2 laps on top, 4 ProStretch sets/foot, 1 1/2 laps, 1 set of calf raises, 2 sets of reverse thighmaster machine, 2 sets of thighmaster machine, 2 sets of glut extensions/leg, 300 calories on advanced stepmaster (~26 minutes), 5 laps on top (no run to/from gym).

Here are tonight's pics:

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