Sunday, April 26, 2009

DISNEY: Winter Summerland Miniature Golf -- Snow Course

Disney's Winter Summerland Miniature Golf can be found adjacent to the Blizzard Beach water park. Winter Summerland offers two 18-hole courses -- one featuring "snow" and one featuring "sand". Christopher, Sherri, and I did both, and chose to do the Snow (Winter) Course first. But before we get to it, here is the story of how this place came to be:

"On a moonlit Christmas Eve, Santa Claus discovered the perfect vacation spot for himself, Mrs. Claus and the elves. Everything was perfect. From towering palms and sandy beaches to majestic sandcastles and powdery snow...SNOW! In Florida?

Yes, the myth about Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park was real, and that gave Santa a wonderful idea. Snow and sun! What a great combination for a vacation!

In no time at all, Santa and Mrs. Claus moved their trailer down and built a barn for the reindeer and a toyshop. The elves, somewhat split over whether to build a snow or sand miniature golf course, built both. The Snow course was just like being at home. And the Sand course, it was Florida. They built the best of both worlds and called it their Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course."

The Snow Course (par 56)...

Hole 1: There's Snow Place Like Gnome (par 3)
Aim for the door
Right up the ramp
Watch your ball
Roll into camp

Hole 2: Gone Fishin' (par 4)
Aim for the fish hole
Get it right
You'll make him think
He got a bite

Hole 3: Defrosty the Cooler (par 3)
Putt up the middle
Give it a whack
Make it a good shot
And you'll get a snack

Hole 4: Putt Out the Campfire (par 3)
Did we douse the fire?
No one remembers
Please help putt it out
Just aim for the embers

Hole 5: Rink In the New Year (par 4)
Beside the net
You'll find the hole
We hope your putt's
A shot on goal!

Hole 6: Drive a Hard Toboggan (par 3)
On this hole,
Use your noggin
Aim your short
Through the toboggan

Hole 7: Unidentified Flying Santa (par 4)
Santa slid
While it was snowing
But when the snow stopped
He kept going

Hole 8: Iced Tee (par 3)
To while away
Off season hours
We started making
Frozen towers

Hole 9: Castle à la Moat (par 4)
Wait for the drawbridge
To lower down
Or into the moat
Your ball will drown

Hole 10: Merry Moguls (par 3)
Through the moguls
Guide your ball
Sink it and we'll
Deck the hall

Hole 11: I'll Be Skiing You (par 3)
Swoosh your ball
With downhill grace
Through the slaloms
Wins the race

Hole 12: Crashing Through the Snow (par 3)
For those of you
Who may be guessin'
He took to skis
Without a lesson

Hole 13: Squirty the Snowman (par 3)
Squirty the Snowman
Is a Jolly Happy Soul
He loves to cool off golfers
Who putt into this hole

Hole 14: The North Hole (par 3)
Putt due North
With flick of wrist
To give your ball
A brand new twist

Hole 15: Visions of Sugar Putts (par 3)
A richochet
Into the cup
Is one sweet way
To wrap this up

Hole 16: The Flippers Were Hung By the Chimney with Care (par 3)
When Santa climbs
The chimney flue
Putt your ball
Beneath his shoe

Hole 17: Not A Creature Was Stirring Except... (par 3)
If you can putt one
Into the cup
A big surprise
Will pop right up

Hole 18: Santa On the Winternet (par 1)
A putt past the mouse
Will make it go click
The cursor is ready
On .com. Saint Nick!

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