Sunday, April 26, 2009

DISNEY: Winter Summerland Miniature Golf -- Sand Course

Christopher, Sherri, and I had a lot of fun with the Snow Course at Disney's Winter Summerland Miniature Golf, and went on to try out the Sand (Summer) Course.

The Sand Course (par 56)...

Hole 1: Gnome Away from Gnome (par 3)

We've set up camp
The best shot here
Is putting past
Our camping gear

Hole 2: Peppermint Pond (par 4)
These inner tubes
May make you mad
They're in the way
Oh well. Tube bad

Hole 3: Golf Balls We Have Hit On High (par 4)
If you putt past
Our lifeguard chair
You'll have to make
A rescue there

Hole 4: The Ol' Fishin' Hole (par 3)
Watch your step
Across the pond
There's something' fishy
Goin' on

Hole 5: Yule Tide Surf Boards (par 3)
Yule do well
If Yule do this:
Aim for Santa's board
Don't miss

Hole 6: It Clam Upon A Midnight Clear (par 4)
Putt your ball
Toward the clam
And hope it clears
Before the slam

Hole 7: Peace Sand Good Will (par 3)
There is no sand
At the North Pole
That's why we really
Dig this hole!

Hole 8: Royal Tee (par 3)
Before we built
Our bigger castle
We made this first
Hope it's no hassle

Hole 9: Silent Knight (par 4)
Remember when
You play this round
It's better if
The bridge is down

Hole 10: Goofy About Golf (par 3)
We made this hole
As living proof
That even elves
Can make a "Goof"

Hole 11: Sandy Claus (par 3)
Don't wake Santa
From his nap
Just ease your ball
Across his lap

Hole 12: Have Your Elf A Buried Little Sand Trap (par 3)
To get your ball
Out to the hole
You need a little
Elf control

Hole 13: Unfrosty the Snowman (par 3)
Hurry up
And putt your ball
Before there's nothing
Left at all

Hole 14: The South Hole (par 3)
Keep in mind
In this golf round
That what goes up
Must come down

Hole 15: Over the Ribbon You're Through the Woods (par 3)
Wrap your ball
Into the bow
And to the hole
Your ball may go

Hole 16: Good Whirl Towards Men (and Women and Kids) (par 3)
Our Ferris Wheel
Goes round and round
Behind it's where
The cup is found

Hole 17: Clickety-Clack Across the Track (par 3)
Keep your shot
Kinda loose
Between the engine
And caboose

Hole 18: Santa On the Winternet (par 1)
Boot up your shot
Make it fine
And see a friend
Appear on-line

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