Friday, April 10, 2009

GYM: Strong

Today's a non-work Friday, so I'm home. I seeing it as a Melbourne weekend, though the opportunity to ride Space Mountain 1.0 one last time is there.

Anyways, It's been a productive day so far. I got my 8 hours of sleep, then I woke up and caught up on my 30 Rock while I reviewed the Disney PhotoPass shots from my birthday visit.

Then I vacuumed the kitchen and my car before I headed out to the gym to take a strength class. It was my first group class there, and it was pretty tough -- a lot of abs and legs -- I was fine with the arms and balance. I went upstairs for a quick workout -- 5 laps, 6 stations (only 2 sets each), and another 5 laps.

After that I went home and made lunch, which is where I'm at right now. I'm going back out to run errands and then to work in the yard. I'll update this post with a pic or two later on.

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