Thursday, April 30, 2009

JOURNAL: Three? + RUN: RZ Fun Run

Today, I knew the secret: Progress and People. Work was good; I narrowed down the problem and a case order was opened with Sun (basically, Solaris 10's handling of system logs appears to have removed the ability to specify message filters). There are other issues to sort out -- connections between parts of our system -- but I'm choosing my battles.

Speaking of which, I've been dealing with a loss of a friend due to irreconcilable differences of sorts (the details unclear-to-unknown to me). Left in a puzzling void, I've wanted just to get past it and move back into a more positive mentality/environment.

Anyways, I've found that being around others has helped immensely -- getting feedback from both strangers and acquaintances alike. I know myself as a person -- I like to help others and I don't like confrontations. I'm generally very positive around other people and more reflective when I'm alone. And I just had to get back to it.

Two nights ago, I went out to dinner with some friends and met some more cool people. Last night I went to the gym and met some more cool people when I tried out volleyball. And tonight, I went to Running Zone's Fun Run and hung out with cool people that I know.

I had to make a stop by the house before to get changed, and I got to the store about 10 minutes after everyone left, so I started off by myself. I was just tried to run comfortably. I felt that I was out of shape, but I didn't give myself a hard time about it. Even though I'm not as fast as before, I'm possibly enjoying it more. I did end up catching up with some people, but it wasn't so much of a group run for me. Still, it did feel like a community of runners, and it's one of the reasons I love this town.

Anyways, being the last Thursday of the month, waiting for us were some beer and pizza; I had a Mich Ultra and a couple slices. Instead of mingling around, I hung out mostly with Dave & Robin, Jonathan, Tracy, Doug, and Jim -- I did have my camera and didn't want to intimidate anyone. I also kept pretty conservative with my it, though I took a lot of pictures of Don & Denise's dog.

Don & Denise's dog
(not to scale)

Dave & Robin, me, Jonathan
Dave & Jonathan
Robin & Bob

And asides from food, there's a raffle at this last fun run of the month, and tonight, I finally won something -- a small gecko! (it's already on my refrigerator) In addition, both Robin and Bob each gave me the race shirt they won to give to my sisters. (Thank you!)

me, my pizza, & my gecko

Overall, today was another good day, and I do appreciate them. I really am living the dream.

he found the pizza!

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