Sunday, May 31, 2009

RUN: 5.31 miles @??:??, Downtown Orlando, FL

I've been slacking with my running and have gotten out-of-shape (which I accept and am okay with); I just know that getting back into shape will involve a month or so of "ugly running" -- usually the result of an overly-ambitious pace/expectations.

Well, this morning I went for a run. I had slept in (until 8:30am), so by the time I got changed, put sunscreen on, and was outside, it was hot. I was going to go slow. I headed out sans watch and wanted to do a grand loop (cw). I knew that hydration (or lack thereof) was going to be a factor, so I was conscious to listen to my body and to try to find shade whenever possible.

And I did go off with a slow pace and managed the first couple miles without stopping, then had to have more walk breaks, but the spans of jogging were longer than my last effort (which I haven't blogged yet. i'm so far behind).

I stopped by the teahouse for some water and walked the little ways back to my friend's house. I felt like I managed to complete the outing without "ugly running" since I was mentally prepared for the effort, but I do have to say that, looking at my own shadow, I knew that I was running with bed head. Oh well, who am I trying to impress?

Anyways, A couple really good post-run sweaty pics (though I did run with a long-sleeve tech shirt... took it off immediately when I stepped inside). And I hope that this good session carried on to the upcoming weeks. I'm not signed up for another race until the Disneyland Half over Labor Day, but I do need to think about the 2010 Goofy Challenge. It'll be here in no time.

In related news, my little sister's kicking butt in Charleston. She ran a 22:01 3-miler on the beach! I'm glad to hear her so enthusiastic about running. My motivation for running now is to just be able to keep up with her.

Anyways, it's an easy-going morning and afternoon before I'm heading back to the parks for the D23 Flowers & Fireworks event. I'm excited, and I hope I can do a good write-up of it. I know that I'll have plenty of pictures (hoping for a couple really really good ones). Then afterwards, I'll have a long drive home. I'll have to load up on their complimentary coffee (Woo!).

Alright, I have yesterday's trip report to work on (and 380+ photos to pare down) and some other stuff to do before tonight (i.e., nap).


The pics (not in the kitchen this time):

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