Monday, June 01, 2009

GYM: Nice Wholesome Volleyball

After an absolutely fantastic weekend at the parks (blog posts still in process), I returned to the office and had a gratifying day of testing code. I fixed some code I did on Friday and was able to solve another issue (that I didn't cause) -- our alert monitor wasn't making any sounds and I was able to diagnose the problem to a cable being connected to the wrong port (woo!). So, now I believe we've got a "Golden Baseline", and I'm going to nail down first thing tomorrow morning.

Also, a couple people brought in food for the office -- bagels, chocolate pie, and Smarties -- and lunch was a quick-and-good choice: Tropical Smoothie Cafe... a new place for me and Nga -- we each used a B1G1F coupon and each had a Baja Chicken flatbread and a Banana Berry Boost smoothie. Thomas joined us on this trip, and it was a nice having him there. He's such a good influence for me -- him and Nga. And today I felt like I was a couple steps closer to being the person I want to be.

At the end of the work day, I chose my exit and took an 8-hour day (arriving 45 mins late, leaving 15 mins early) and came home to take care of some picture management. I prepared a bag of Garlic Chicken Voila! and ate the entire thing, and also had some beer-battered shrip and tater tots while I watched an episode of MacGyver then took a 2-minute nap before heading out for volleyball -- I love how the gym's a half-mile from my house, and I haven't had to run in the rain yet.

Anyways, volleyball was really good tonight. There was a full dozen people on the court most of the evening plus there's always a couple new faces. Tonight, I was sloppy with my serving but managed to get on some good runs later on. I felt like I was much improved in my positioning, ball-handling, and hustling without being "too much". There was a lot of encouragement all-around (I love that) and just like on this last trip to Disney, I found myself more comfortable in taking on an "educator"/"manny" role. This could be from increased self-confidence from maturity; it could be maturity and/or the sense of being settled-in. Either way, it was a really good night.

Even on the run home, I banged my foot on a pipe I didn't see (it was dark) and a neighbor on a bike was nearby and asked if I was okay. The feeling of community was strong, and that's why I love where I am.

Anyways, I'm going to get a shower and put in a revision of the D23 draft. It'll be less "me-oriented" than my usual posts -- as I'm wanting to grow as a writer. It's an important skill. Alright, enjoy the sweaty jumping kitchen pics, and have a good night :)

UPDATE: I also cut my hair tonight... it was needed, especially with Gay Days coming up this weekend. The effort almost went wrong, but I put the #2 attachment on the clippers and carefully blended my crown, and I think it's good. My receeding hairline is more pronounced, but *shrug* what can I do except embrace it.

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