Wednesday, June 03, 2009

GYM: Full House

Volleyball was really good tonight. Even though I was very tired from work, the exercise was refreshing and it was a very worthwhile time. There was some sort of a tempo training class that ran over a little into the scheduled volleyball session at 8:00pm, and at the onset there were over a couple dozen people who showed up -- about a dozen HS-aged kids -- and a mix of usual suspects and new faces.

We let the HS kids play a set (played for points), then they left and we took to the courts. There were about 18 of us, so we had two six-person teams play for points then rotated in the third team. Then we got down to about 14 for the rest of the time and just rotated one person in per side without keeping points

I feel like I'm doing better, now that I'm more comfortable with digging/setting and that everyone's gotten used to me hustling to get some of the balls. My service still needs improvement. I'm also starting to get used to people's playing styles -- we're all getting familiar with each other's personalities (not a bad thing).

And there were quite a number of new faces. With that, came our first big exchanging of names: Susan, Cara, Pat, Kirk, Jack, JOsh, Dan, Eric, Ben, Cedric... (there's more but I don't remember). Going into this sports venture, I had a policy of not getting this close to the other players. But after a couple months, how could we not? And it actually didn't feel that bad -- just like when Jaye Tyler told her sister "I love you" (Wonderfalls). I do have to say that we had an attractive group, and it was pretty fantastic.

The only bother of the evening was a guy who was trying to play basketball between our volleyball points. It was inappropriate and kind of dangerous, not to mention disrespectful. I wondered if he would ever ask himself whether or not it was really worth it?. The silver lining of this nuisance was that on my way out for the night, I reported it to management and was able to get some [shameless-on-my-part] positive reinforcement. (hey, I wanted to test out my new haircut... I think I'm ready for this weekend)

Anyways, I was able to run to and from the gym without stopping and at a good pace -- it was the endorphins from a very encouraging evening.

Now I'm going to shower, have some dinner, pay some bills, start packing for this weekend, and then call it a night. :)

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