Saturday, June 13, 2009

EVENT: Brevard 2-1-1's "An Evening of Mystery and Intrigue"

"An Evening of Mystery and Intrigue" was held on Saturday, June 13th, 2009. It was a benefit for Brevard 2-1-1, a not-for-profit organization serving Brevard Country that provides a telephone-based helpline offering crisis intervention and information & referral services. The company my friend Teresa works for had sponsored a table, and I joined them as her guest.

And I was very glad that I did...

"Who ordered the banana margarita?"

This evening of mystery and intrigue started innocent enough. Teresa and I were one of the first to arrive, so we had an unhurried look around.

hors d'oeuvres: fruit, cheese & crackers
There were some pens and cards on the table for us to take notes on, and everyone at our table quickly got enthusiastic about our detective work.

The Artemis Detective Agency Team Members
And as the other guests filed in, we started to notice a few "stand-out" characters making the rounds. We were armed with pens, cards, and cameras, and started collecting information...

  • Shelly Rose and Bud Sebastian, tonight's entertainment.
    They were singing partners who may be romantically involvement. We nicknamed Bud "RBT", or "Red Bow Tie", and one of our team members described him as "flirty obnoxious guy in tux". Shelly was a bit ditzy, easily-distracted, and enjoyed shadow puppets with the projector.

    Shelly Rose and Bud Sebastian

  • Shirley Holmes, a detective from New York and tonight's security.
    When asked for a picture with, she questioned our motives. (Me and Teresa... suspicious behavior?!... no...)

    Me and Teresa with Shirley Holmes (center)

  • Mr. Charles Chaplin, Shelly and Bud's talent manager.
    He didn't like being called Charlie. He was also critical of Shelly's dress/weight. We nicknamed him "Pink Tie Guy".

    A Team Member with Mr. Charles Chaplin

  • Larry, a.k.a "Ponytail Guy".
    We thought that he was a person of interest, but later concluded that he was just a "roadie", not directly involved with the evening's events.

    Team Member Veronica scoping out Larry (left)

  • Maggie Sebastian, Bud's [loud] sister from St. Louis.
    She was on an all-banana diet (a team member wrote down "YUM!"). She was on vacation (loved the hotel's brochures) but also was trying to get Bud to move back to St. Louis.

    Maggie Sebastian

  • Waiter, our waiter, and despite my suspicions, just a waiter.
    Just a waiter.
  • Curt, Shelly's jealous [ex-]boyfriend.
    He and Shelly also had some sort of financial dealings between them.

    Team Member Mark, Waiter (center), and Curt (right)

  • Doc, the piano man.
    He claimed no involvement in tonight's events. I just wanted a picture of him.

    As the evening (and dinner) went on, Bud and Shelly performing a few musical numbers and the rest of the players continued to assimilate -- Curt sat with our table and threw remarks at both Bud and Charlie... I mean Charles; and Maggie became increasingly anxious. Then something happened!...

    [Sorry to be purposely vague. I don't like spoilings.]

    Our resident detective Shirley Holmes called a stop in the action to gather evidence and write down clues.

    Then, the events resumed.

    Oh... and there was food. Let's not forget that this was also a dinner (and I need my food pics):

    Red Velvet Cake, Coffee
    People did more stuff and then something else may or may not have happened!!!
    Anyways, after all the mayhem, four of the players each gave an explanation of the evening's events then pointed a finger at one of the suspects. Of these stories, three were bogus and one was the truth. Each was then given a sign reading "_____ is guilty" and sent to a different corner of the room. Then it was up to the audience.

    Everyone had to get up and walk over to the person he/she thought had the correct story and knew who did it.

    I was surprised that our table had gone in different directions. And in the reveal, we found out that I chose wisely. "I solved the MurderWatch Mystery!".

    The performers were absolutely great -- they had hilarious, personable interactions with the all of the guests and they really used the entire room. The whole event was top notch and SO MUCH FUN! It was a good mix of dinner and drama, mystery and intrigue, songs and bad jokes... and all for a good cause.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you again Teresa for inviting me.


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