Wednesday, June 10, 2009

GYM: No Neg Volleyball

Howdy All,
Just got back from volleyball. It was a pretty quiet affair tonight. There were a dozen of us on the court throughout, and I think that I had a very good session overall. I served well -- not too crazy -- and I am getting positions very well. There were a couple moments where I caught myself trying to play too much, but I adjusted and stayed positive the entire time. Everyone's used to each other, so there wasn't anyone giving anyone else instructions (wow). It was a good night.

CB wasn't there tonight but there was a briefly extended time at the desk afterwards -- a little shameless on my part, but it's all innocent.

Before the 8pm-10pm session, I had gotten home from work, quickly changed, and mowed the lawn. My mower will need some maintenance sometime soon (oil change?) but at least the power-started trimmer/edger/blower was working like a champ. I feel so much better now that that's done.

After work, I dropped off a frou frou pen to Sherri. I like her and Christopher because they're a good match, and that's always encouragement and a source of hope. Last night, a friend and I watched He's Just Not Into You and that movie's just an analytical and incestuous mess -- it was cynical and contrived. I'm glad that I'm the type to go out and find other positive role models. There are a couple couples at volleyball that have an endearing rapport.

Anyways, work was busy and pressurized. I think that everyone on our small project team are going through the emotions together. Today, we were all a bit de-energized. Still we managed to get some changes delivered to our golden copy, and we're progressing. There's still a long ways to go, and we'll all probably be in the office this Sunday. It'll be good though. We're trying our best.

Asides from work, I have some running club meeting minutes to write up -- that's the goal for tonight. I'm hoping to have my Honorable Mention Red Shirts post up on Friday night and the Top 10 Red Shirts up on Saturday night at the latest. The weekend will be busy with some running, a retirement party, a mystery dinner, and a Toastmasters speech to write (seriously). Yeah, it's non-stop over here.

I'm going to get a shower in, have dinner dinner, then work an hour or so on the meeting minutes (perhaps sending it out tomorrow morning before work), then going to bed.

[Oh, and I'm breaking in my new pair of running shoes; we'll see how I feel after a week in them.]

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