Tuesday, June 09, 2009

GAY DAYS 2009: Red Shirts - Honorable Mentions

At this year's Gay Days (2009!), I managed a lot of pictures of red shirts with my sister's further encouragement. We each have our favorites, and here are this year's honorable mentions...

Honorable Mentions:

"You + Me = Fail!"
Where: in the Castle hub
When: waiting for the 3:00pm parade

Comment: First of all Happy Birthday Aaron! Anyways, the shirt has one of those “let’s be honest” messages, and I totally subscribe. It’s like wearing a shirt that says, “Will you be my next ex-boyfriend.” This shirt would’ve made the Top 10 had it been executed better or more haphazardly gayer. Still, I seriously dig this shirt.
"He is Gay -->"
Where: at the entrance of Epcot Center
When: a couple monorail rides after the end of the 3:00pm parade

Comment: When I saw this shirt, I thought it was funny. When I saw the guy, I had to have a picture with. Very cute.
"Media Whore"
Where: in front of Cinderella's Castle
When: during a performance of the Dreams Come True stage show

Comment: I too am a media whore. I love seeing my picture in newspapers, magazines, and monthly nationwide emails (‘08 DLHM!). Anyways, I'll play Fairy Godmother to this princess and grant him some publicity.
"Gay Days '09 Anaheim"
Where: in line for Peter Pan's Flight
When: 9:10am, 2nd ride of the day

Comment: Yay, love from the West Coast. Well, here’s a shout-out from the East Coast! I actually recognized the wearer from D23's Flower and Fireworks Celebration the weekend before. Pretty awesome.
"I would Love a Gay Family"
Where: at the Gay Days Expo at the Royal Plaza Hotel
When: Friday, 10:00am-ish

Comment: This is the first animal-worn red shirt to make it onto any of my list; it was worn by a greyhound from a local greyhound rescue center. Hopefully the other dogs will take note and plan accordingly for next year.
"Want Woman"
Where: hub in front of Cinderella's Castle
When: on the way to meet Cori and Marty at the front of Magic Kingdom

Comment: A couple of lesbians wore this shirt, and it was instantly hilarious. This would've made Top 10 had I taken a picture of the actual shirts (I swiped the above picture from the Internets). I was still warming up to the shamelessness of it all, and we all seemed to be in a hurry.
"My Pecker Is Stuck"
Where: in the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad queue
When: 11:00am on the dot.

Comment: I do love the inappropriate shirts (check out the SILF from last year), and the guy wearing this shirt wore it boldly. He was also very photo-friendly -- well-groomed, sleeveless-approved, and fashionably accessorized.
"Get Plowed In Nebraska"
Where: in the Jungle Cruise queue
When: 9:45am, 3rd ride of the day

Comment: Another inappropriate shirt! (so cheeky!) Even though it features one of my friend's rival states, I love it. One of my co-workers didn't understand the shirt, and I decided halfway through my explanation it was better not to corrupt her precious mind.
"Thank You Disney For Being A Friend"
Where: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad queue
When: about the same as the other BTMR pictures

Comment: Here's a group entry. The front of the shirt reads "Thank you Disney for being a friend" and on the back, there was a different saucy saying from Golden Girls. It was a nice homage to Bea Arthur. A couple quotes are the following:

"Rose, I know this is a long shot, but did you take too much acid in the sixties?" - Dorothy Zbornak
"It's Miami in June. Only cats are wearing fur." - Dorothy Zbornak
The shirt's font was difficult to read, but their timeliness and creativity were still much appreciated.
"All Smart Bears Are Wearing Red"
Where: in the line to get into the 1:00pm Country Bear Jamboree
When: quarter-til

Comment: The shirt was cute, especially with the "think, think, think!" but the shirt was a bit too subtle -- it took me until I got home to realize that Pooh was wearing red. No worries for Pooh though, you'll see him again in my Top 10 on another Bear entry.
"Don't Poke The Bear/Cubby"
Where: looking back towards Tomorrowland
When: a little past 2:00pm, after MILF

Comment: Okay, another bear entry. They are a creative bunch who know how to operate an iron, and I do enjoy the homemades. Awww. I spotted this papa bear at the 1:00pm Country Bear Jamboree but had a better shot later on here.
"The Smart Ride"
Where: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!
When: 10:58:42am

Comment: No innuendo here. Just a good cause. This shirt was worn by my friend Michael C. (please sponsor!) who is participating in this charity bicycle ride benefiting the Broward House, a community-based organization that provides a full array of quality services to those living with and at risk for HIV and other health issues... something to truly be honorably mentioned.

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