Tuesday, June 09, 2009

GAY DAYS 2009: Red Shirts - Preview

I feel that the the red shirts for Gay Days keep getting more and more creative. The bar gets set higher each year -- so much so that I wanted to don a custom shirt for this year's festivities.

I was very happy and fortunate to have my sister Cindy fly down for the weekend. I had a few red shirt options, and originally, my idea was for me to wear a traditional red shirt that would reads "She's my sister" and for her to wear a baby blue shirt that would read "He's my sister". But that idea required too many letters (S's), and instead we ended up wearing the following:

Me --> my Threadless "Piece of Meat" shirt ($5 on sale!!)...

... with a custom slogan on the back:

[The slogan was also an alternative. There was no way that I was going to wear a shirt that read "I like it raw".]

Cindy (who is straight) --> a "You Had Me At Homo" shirt from Gay.com:

She had her picture taken more than me.

[Photo credit goes to my friend David B. Thanks!]

I'm still working on finalizing my Top 10 and selecting the Honorable Mentions. I can't wait!

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