Monday, June 29, 2009

GYM: Full Volley

still no signs of definition :(

Tonight's volleyball was a interesting one to navigate. It was full court (14-16 all through the evening) and initially it happened to be veterans vs. newbies with me playing with the underdogs. It took a little while for us to get our feet -- hey, it's recreational.

Anyways, there was a new standout that joined our side, and he was quite encouraging -- he had great footwork, good hands, and played well with others. Eventually, when the field whittled down to 14, and CBJ came over to our side, and the two of them became a deadly combination of set and spikes.
As for me, I thought I played well tonight. In particular, my serve was very consistent -- only one net ball (and I felt it from the throw); asides, I had a couple of really good runs. I was a bit more vocal with the net play (blocking and spiking). I caught the net once, but as my court karma is, I was able to redeem myself on the very next point. I had a couple pretty good spikes... I had to step up my game since there are more hard players there now. I have the air, I just the need the timing and confidence. It will come!

Anyways, as far as positive reinforcement goes, I felt like I got a mix from the general population. *shrug*. There's the one person again that I just have to take as an opportunity to stand up for myself. I'm also recognizing the benefit of controlling my exit.

It was raining lightly both on the way there and on the way back -- both with moderate lightning (which makes me paranoid), so I took the short way over then decided to ease the long way back. It was an easy jog, and I did feel the start of a cramp in my left calf (yay!). I am going to build the pork chops back.

Anyways, I put in a full day at work (7am-6pm). There was progress, and I was able to do a lot of code and testing. There's still some polishing to do, but we're going to get there. I'm feeling a bit disoriented since I did come in on Saturday and Sunday (sneaked a trip to MK for the PH preview of HoP Sunday morning). I was ready to go home tonight and watch Wipeout!... which I'd usually do on Thursdays... It's Monday.

Nonetheless, I avoided getting a case of the Mondays, and I'm feeling better about the work. I did get snippy on a couple occasions, but who didn't? *sigh*. I just need to keep well-fed and well-hydrated. It's going to be a good week. Not sure about this weekend's plans... Fireworks where? Marathon park trip? Only one day in Orlando? Plus, I'm trying to figure a college friend's visit in a couple weeks. Planning and organizing is not my friend. Still, it's something to keep me busy and out of trouble.

Anyways, enough rambling. Here is tonight's sweaty ceddy jumping kitchen pic and a couple pics from last night's trip to McD (yeah, we were in the office on a Sunday until 10pm):

i need more white socks

the salad was mine

a baker's three(?) of chicken strips

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