Wednesday, July 01, 2009

RUN: 3.6 miles @??:??, Home<-LL-> WM+, Melbourne, FL

Volleyball was really good tonight. I only had one short serve, played a 2nd hit, and had a couple "enthusiastic" nets. Otherwise, I played pretty solid today with my serve getting more consistent. And tonight I was taught how to make the approach to spike -- which was basically to start from a few feet back and to take a couple steps forward, using my arms to help propel me up. I did one really good spike and a few pretty good ones. On some other occasions I chose timing over power. Anyways, it was quite a positive night!
There were 16 people there for about an hour, then it was down to 13, 12, then 11. CBJ was there, along with DB. Yeah, I was on the "experienced" team tonight, and I have to admit that it was more fun than Monday.

Anyways, I bought knee pads at WM last night (around 1:00am, when I put in my photo order -- it's been a while), and I used them tonight. I carried them in an over-the-shoulder net bag, which made the run over a little more cumbersome. I got to the gym 10 minutes early and put in 5 laps on top before we started. After volleyball, I went for extra credit and completed the WM+ loop. I wasn't really fast, but I ran most of the way, only stopping for a second a couple of times.

I skipped out on a program award fee/retirement celebration beachside tonight. I just wasn't feeling up to the self-imposed pressures of taking pictures had I'd gone. I love free [gourmet] food, but I really needed to up my mileage so I can earn my tonga toast (this weekend?). Plus, I wanted to go to volleyball, and I'm really glad that I did.

Here are tonight's sweaty ceddy kitchen pics (no jumping for a while... i hurt myself more with them than from volleyball and running):

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