Thursday, July 02, 2009

JOURNAL: A Lesson for the Road Rager...

On my way home from work. There was a car ahead of me on the exit ramp, just sitting at green light, so I tapped my horn. Almost immediately, I see the driver-side door open and a man resembling Larry Craig turn around and flick me off (with both hands) while spouting raging profanities.


Here's a lesson for you: don't road rage someone who's behind you, especially when there's a lot of stop signs and the guy behind you has a camera phone. It could be made very awkward for you:

I wasn't angry -- I was quite relaxed, having just finished running a few errands and looking forward to an evening run after a quick WM stop for supplies for tomorrow's volleyball outing. I was listening to DJ Bravehound's latest -- "Glory Afternoon". So when this happened, I wasn't angry, just confused.

When he did proceed, I think it was car karma that had him turn into the WM parking lot -- where I was originally headed, and a bad coincidence for him -- another reason I advise people not to road-rage within a 2-mile perimeter of work... y'all might be headed to the same place.

Anyways, the guy didn't park his car -- he drove through the parking lot and towards the exit. I abandoned my plan and decided to follow him... just for a little bit. This was both in hopes that he thinks twice next time before raging, and also so he'd be far away enough for me to be able to go back to WM and shop in peace. I followed him for another mile then quickly took quiet side roads back to WM.

I found the entire thing energizing and humorous. Don't mess with an Asian.

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