Monday, June 15, 2009

GYM: Volley Speech

Howdy all,
I just got back from volleyball, and it was another exhilarating time. There were 10-11 of us for most of the night, and I think that I played well. CBJ was there, and we were on the same team; I really enjoy the positive reinforcement. There was a new kid... a short quiet chubby kid with glasses, who really surprised us. He was actually quite terrific -- wasn't scared of the ball and made a majority of awesome shots. The other team had the over-zealous "newbie" and I kinda felt for the other players.

I was bit free with language -- going into PG/PG-13 territory a couple times briefly -- but did settle down. I dressed up a bit for tonight, donning my green swim trunks (which I Totally should've worn to the pool at the GD Expo) and a white U&R singlet. I felt preppy. I ran a shortcut to the gym, but ran a strong, steady L-way back home, adrenaline pumping, running on smiles. And I think... that the jumping pics turned out well.

Now I have to shower up and put down a draft of my Toastmasters speech. The more I talk about it, the better I feel that it's coming. I originally wanted the focus to be about how it was okay to make mistakes. I still want that to be part of the speech, but I am shifting the focus to be how we should keep that child's perspective of not being afraid of making mistakes... a slight nuance. Hopefully I can organize my points to lead the audience there.

I'm going to have three supporting ideas -- 1) a "Song of Myself" activity I did in grade school, 2) Sir Ken Robinson's TedTalk about how schools educate people out of creativity, and 3) Stephen Colbert's commencement speech in which he reminds us that we're human. Just by the nature of it, the speech will follow through an educational timespan. I think that I may actually have too much to talk about. I'm not going to worry about time. I just want to get through it with a smile on my face... much like some people's goals when running their first 5K.

So that's where that is.

As far as work work goes, there's still a lot that needs to happen. I'm a bit worried, but it'll be what it'll be. I need to stay well-rested, well-hydrated, and well-fed. There's some documentation that I'm not looking forward to, but it's gotta be done.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I'm totally taking it off. I'm hitting the parks on Saturday and probably Friday too. Then Friday will be pretty gay with a showing of Outrage at the Enzian and a performance of the OGC's "Oz & Beyond" concert.

Alright, I'm going to shower and hydrate, then crank out at least the outline of the speech before hitting the bed early -- yes, even with endorphins still rushing through. It was a beautiiiful evening and hopefully a good sleep.

Here's the pics:

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