Monday, June 15, 2009

HOUSE (CAR): Defogging the Headlights

No... the title isn't code for something dirty. On Sunday, I actually defogged my headlights. I used a $20 silver packet kit (from any auto store) that Jordan and Brian had recommended, saying that it was quick and easy... and it actually was.

Here's a picture of what was in it (minus the tape, water bottle, laundry dryer, and dragon):


Basically, here were the steps:
  • tape around headlight #1
  • spray said headlight and the brown sandpaper w/a mist-er
  • aggressively rub brown sandpaper on headlight for 3 mins.
  • wipe headlight w/wet paper towel
  • again spray headlight & now also the blue sandpaper
  • use said blue sandpaper on headlight for ~1 min. (do it good)
  • wipe headlight w/dry paper towel
  • apply lotion #1 using one of the special cloths included
  • let dry for 2-3 minutes
  • slowly & lightly apply lotion #2 using another of the special cloths

  • repeat above steps on headlight #2

  • let both sides dry for a few more minutes before applying another packet of lotion #2 on each headlights.

    done. simple. really. even I did it. without complaining.

    Here a few pics that will surely convince you how worth it it was...

    Before (dark around because garage door is down)

    During (the brown sandpaper stage)

    After (ooo... shiny, and it looks like it has "guy-liner")

    And here is a side-by-side of the other headlight (before & after):

    What a difference!

    It was very worth it and didn't take much time. This coming weekend, I need to change my oil before I head over to Orlando. Yeah, I'm going to start doing that myself again. Wish me luck.


  • 2 comment(s):

    sisonymous said...

    woah! that looks awesome! and you installed a garbage disposal yourself too.

    so butch...

    Anonymous said...

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