Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FOOD: Potstickers

I had some wonton wrappers and ground pork in the fridge, so tonight I made potstickers.
I seasoned the pork with chopped scallions, an egg, salt, ground pepper, and a few drops of sesame oil.

The wrappers were the thick type, so it didn't take long to put the potstickers together.

But I had to cook them more freestyle than before since I still haven't found a cover for the 12.5" T-Fal pan (which I totally love).

The potstickers turned out really good. After a couple dousings of water...

... I added a couple drops of oil to crisp the edges one last time. The result was so good. Very tasty.

I realize that I used this pic for the preview.
It just looked too good not to use up there.

Anyways, I cooked half of the dumplings (the one pan-full) and ate them all by myself. I love the oyster-flavored sauce + sesame oil dipping combo.

The other half of the potstickers are safely in the fridge for later this week.
During this meal preparation and consumption, I watched Coraline -- on the way home from work, I made a quick stop by WM and picked it up from Redbox. The movie was pretty good -- dark, scary, and kinda crude at parts -- but the story was well-told and more watchable than The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Asides from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I'm going to try to catch (500) Days of Summer at the Enzian this weekend. Also, I hope to make a visit to the parks to check out the new DAK FP system and also take some legacy pictures of MK's Fantasyland and TTF Pixie Hollow; and also take pictures at my the construction site of Pom's second location (excited!). It's going to be another busy weekend. Yeah, I'm thinking about it, and it's only Tuesday.

It was a good quiet night. I like making food.

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