Sunday, July 19, 2009

JOURNAL: JJ & Joy Visit

Howdy all, it's the end of the weekend. Tomorrow is the first day of a long week. My friends from college left the house this evening, heading back up to SC, and I already miss them.

We ended up doing quite a bit during their short visit -- beach, dumplings & smoothies, cards & board games, paintball, pom pom's teahouse, cupcakes, darts & pool, dim sum, miniature golfing, and wonderfalls (the entire season!).

There's only 400 pictures from the weekend for me to sort through. And they will be coming to this blog... eventually. I'm still several trip reports behind and don't think that I've forgotten about the Top 10 Red Shirts entry I'm still yet to post (I slack because I've been busy).

Anywho, now's not the time for excuse, just a check-in to say that I'm alive and conscious.

Thank you JJ & Joy for making the trip down here!


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