Thursday, July 30, 2009

JOURNAL: Last McD's For A While

Done! (Even Ronald's Celebrating)

Today after work, I visited a couple McD's and found my Tiger and two Flamingos! I'm finished!
It was also the first time that I actually ate in my McD's after its renovations, and I actually got a little better look at the place... and I discovered that it did have a couple of very nice nooks and that it really did have a flat-screen television (nice). Anyways, even though I won't be searching for toys anymore, I'm finding that the hamburger Happy Meal is a good-sized non-salad option for me (especially with the Apple Dippers instead of fries -- I love the caramel sauce)... so maybe it won't be the last time I visit a McD's for a while...

Anyways, here are a couple more bonus pictures of the interior of my McDonald's:

A couple hidden (and comfortable) corners.

There is a flat-screen television.


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