Tuesday, July 07, 2009

RUN: 3.62 miles @~30:40, Home<-LL->Avenue, Melbourne, FL

Tonight, I went for a run even though I was really tired and probably should've just called it an early night. I ran because I wanted to get closer to my 15-mile goal and the all-the-more-idolized Picnic In The Park. And I'm actully glad that I got out there.
I really felt stronger, steadier, and more sure-footed. I had two short breaks -- one at halfway (mile 1.83), the other at the side of WM -- and could've done without the second. Still, 30:40 for 3.62 miles... that's 8:28 pace, and that's including the walk intervals. Not bad. I think that when I was in my prime, I was regularly running 7:20s, but I'd be happy to reach even 8s.

Anyways, It's going to be a busy next couple of months -- a lot of events to plan in addition to the many things to catch up on. Lots of correspondences and hard work. I've just gotta keep it up.


And here are tonight's sweaty ceddy pics:

4.80 + 3.62 = 8.42 miles so far

15.00 - 8.42 = 6.58 miles to go

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