Monday, July 06, 2009

RUN: 4.80 miles @??:??, Home <-LL->WM+gym, Melbourne, FL

Tonight was a fair night at the gym. I think that last Friday's outing helped out. Photos are fun. Also, there was a lot of the newbies, so a lot of slack was cut. It wasn't competitive, just a practice of patience. My serving wasn't too good but I managed to hustle. My digs and ups were so-so. CBJ wasn't there and blood donor made a brief appearance. There were 16 people at first, down to 10. I did get a good spike in.
After work, I came home and immediately got onto mowing the lawn. I'm happy that the mower's still keeping up. I really need to change its oil. I trimmed/edged/blew. I also trimmed the neighbor's house. They're really nice people, and hey, while I was out there, why not?

I took a quick shower then headed out for a 2.4-mile pre-gym run (WM+stores). I did take water and music. I attached the knee pads to the power belt. The run was good an I took a couple walk breaks.

The run home was about the same. I went the reverse route and had a couple walk breaks. I hadn't had dinner yet. I was really sweaty.

My goal for the week (MO-TH) is 15 miles. 15 miles in order to earn my Picnic In The Park. Actually, I may save this reward for another time, when I can share it with someone.

Anyways, that's about it for the day. It felt fast and productive. And I know that I'm in need of catching up on some sleep (and some blog posts!). Sleep first... wait, safety first! Health second. Blog a close third...

Here's tonight's sweaty ceddy pics:

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