Wednesday, July 08, 2009

RUN: 3.7 miles @??:??, Home<-LL->WM...& Gym, Melbourne, FL

Tonight, I had a late start to volleyball. There was about 20 people when I got there, so I played a quick game then went upstairs for some laps -- I did 15 (1.5 miles). I played the rest of the night then went for a some extra credit making a small loop in the WM parking lot before going home. My calves were showing signs of cramping so I took it easy. I didn't stop though, so my endurance is coming back.
At volleyball, my digs and ups are getting better (two arms). I tried jump-serving and did pretty well. I should toss it a little more ahead and keep on practicing to get the timing right. Overall, I was happy with my turns.

Again, I wasn't the newbie, so that was some pressure off of me. I liked my taking control and running some laps while the court was busy. I'm getting more positive reinforcement too, and I like giving some back too -- trying to keep things on the easy-going.

By the end of the night, we were down to a dozen happy souls (CBJ and blind Susan in the house). There was a pretty good balance.

Now, I have a lot to do before bed -- already did two loads of laundry -- one more to go. I would also like to turn in early, but I'm not seeing that happen.

Tomorrow, I would like to sell off my PTR then focus on getting another one through unit testing; I'm jjust ready for the next assignment. It's a busy time. And I need a day at home. Even though there's no real reason to, I'm going ahead and taking this Friday off. I'm considering another late start to the parks -- PH BLT DVC Preview in the evening.

Anyways, time for a shower then back here to get more stuff done. G'night. Here is tonight's SC pic:

8.42 + 3.70 = 12.12 miles so far

15.00 - 12.12 = 2.88 miles to go

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