Friday, July 10, 2009

RUN: 2.33 miles @??:??, Home<-LL->EoWM, Melbourne, FL

Okay, so I may not make my 15-mile goal after all, but that's okay. There's always next weekend or the next.
I needed 2.88 miles but this morning could only come up with 2.33. It was hot, I hadn't eaten yet, and I had stuffed mushrooms in the oven.

I'm okay with it because with so many things to do, I have to assign priorities. Yesterday, I went on vacation early (will make up today's PM hours next week) -- I came home, wrote letters, took a nap, and put in a photo order.

During this, I had one big question: "Where are my monkeys?". Apparently, the monkey keychains I ordered from were delivered last weekend, but I never saw them. They were either: 1) delivered to the wrong house, or 2) stolen by the neighborhood kids. This is disturbing. The US postal service is such a vulnerable and unprotected system. This is disturbing and disappointing.

I contacted FedEx (who then subcontracted the shipment to the USPS), and they're "investigating" their SmartPost information. In the meantime, I went to my credit card's website and put in a dispute (No Delivery) then went into the office to fax over my receipt and the tracking information.

I didn't get around to this mini-trip until late late last night, and I ended up talking a bit with someone working 2nd shift. Her friends in Mississippi were going through LOTS of drama involving babies, a runaway husband, a prostitute, and a lot of profanity. It was a fun talk that really puts my issue into perspective.

Anyways, it's a little past noon here. I have the PH BLT Preview at 7:00pm. I was thinking about leaving here at around 3:00pm -- to drop off some of the stuffed mushrooms before heading down to the parks -- a ways of a detour but s'alright.

Here's this morning's sweaty ceddy pic (dark):

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