Wednesday, July 15, 2009

GYM: High Volley (Endeavor Launch)

Image credit: NASA/Kim Shiflett

Today felt like a quick day at work. I sold off my PTR, did some more planning of Toastmasters stuff, and also sent out a link to my photos from yesterday's [reunion] lunch with [the now-retired] Marty. After work, I watched a shuttle launch, mowed the lawn, and then went to volleyball which was a bit eye-opening tonight.
Anyways, the space shuttle Endeavor took off at 6:03pm today after many scrubbed attempts. There were a few other people also waiting in the parking lot for the launch. The sky was a bit overcast, so when the shuttle did launch, we only saw it briefly before it was hidden behind the clouds again. Still, it was a reminder that "we're on the Space Coast" and that was cool.

Here's a couple of pics:

And here's two more pictures (which I "auto-contrasted" to accentuate the awesomeness):

When I got home, I quickly changed and worked on the yard -- my mower seriously needs an oil change. The whole thing (mow, trim, edge, blow) took about 45 minutes, after which I took a quick shower, got changed, and headed to the gym -- tonight, I took the car because I wanted to deliver some photos and because it had started to drizzle.

At the start, there were only about 8 of us. The number went up to 13 (a couple new people) before we settled on 11. Tonight, I was on and off with everything, but in good spirits.

Actually, there was someone there who was in/on a "higher level". Growing up innocent in South Carolina, I had been naive to the signs until someone pointed it out to me. If the cinema's a reflection of true experiences, then I was recognizing some Pineapple Express.

The person of concern actually got to the point of being ridiculous, with many of us just speechless (okay, not really... but in disbelief nonetheless). One of our favorite players just up-and-left because of the person's behavior.

Anyways, we just ended the night a few minutes early. I gave out half the photos since a number of the regulars weren't at the gym tonight. And CBJ wasn't there, but I did get some shameless face-time with my other +R.

Alright, I'm going to get a shower and get working on the running club's meeting minutes (no sweaty ceddy pics tonight -- I didn't run). A couple friends from college are coming down to Florida tomorrow night for a weekend visit. It should be a lot of fun, and I can't wait. I had skipped volleyball on Monday to clean up the house, and it is the cleanest it's been since... it's been a while.



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