Friday, July 24, 2009

TOASTMASTERS: Div C&D Make-up Officers Training

I missed out on the District-sponsored officers training last weekend because I had company in town. The other six officers in our club were there and got trained. So, in order for our club to get "seven out of seven" I had to attend one of the make-up sessions. I couldn't/didn't want to wait for our Division B training in Cocoa three weeks away, so I decided to go to the make-up training for Division C&D today (Friday) in Orlando.
Being on a Friday, the training was held in the evening (registration at 6pm). This worked out with our early on-Friday schedule (end-of-day at 4:30pm). I stopped by 3 McD's (yeah, still searching for the panda) and the library (to return some media) before making the drive up I-95 to 520 all the way to the SAIC Conference Center.

I think I was the only non-C/D TM there, and I was fine that -- I'm comfortable making new acquaintances on my own. Anyways, there were three sessions that evening. The first was for Contest Judging, and the other two were the actual officers' training. I went to the contest judging presentation and the VP Education training (session 2)

I was tempted to just head back home after that, but saw some familiar faces in the common area and decided to stayed for closing announcements (since I was already there). There was a preview of District 84's Fall Conference "Anchors Away!" Nov. 6-8, 2009 in Daytona Beach, and I'm can't wait to go -- it's going to be a lot of fun [More information @ D84 conference website].

Contests, Leadership, Achievement, Presentations...
(what do you get?!)
Anyways, the evening was quickly-paced, and I was glad to have attended. Not only will our club receive a 4-pack of CC Manuals for being "seven of seven", I learned that if we do it again in the spring, our club will receive a personalized TM gavel for our meeting!

On the way home, the sky was set for an incredible lights display -- a grand purple-gray, flickering with no rain and no visible bolts (yet). I made a quick intermission at my 5th McD's of the day -- no new plushes but a great great smile from the cashier. Anyways, once back out, lighting punctuated the sky and shunted raindrops fell from shunted clouds. It was one of those intimidating-but-beautiful weathers:



This evening's trip for training was successful -- another checkbox filled-in for our club, and more experience for me navigating East Orlando (the new area of Orlando for me to learn, as it appears). I'm kind of looking forward to a Melbourne weekend. I'm taking a lesson from last weekend -- not to put too much pressure on myself and to enjoy the weekend wherever I am.


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