Thursday, July 23, 2009

JOURNAL: Viera Chick-fil-a Grand-O Visit

Today was a fine day. I was a bit tired from having exercised so late last night, but I managed.

After work, I stopped again at McDonald's... well, two of them. I've started to become a bit obsessive with the whole Teenie Beanie Babies promotion again. And even though I'm not trying to collect all 30, there are a few that I'm really hoping to score.
Yesterday, I already got the Koala that I wanted for me, and today I picked up the Chihuahua for Jim&Dan and the Guinea Pig for Kathleen at the office who is super-excited about G-Force opening tomorrow ("Poop in his hand!"):

Left to get are the Panda and/or Tiger for Camille and perhaps the Flamingo for JJ ("Get off your ass" [from Wonderfalls]); also, the Unicorn and Sheep are cute... but I have prepared myself for the case in which I'm don't accomplish this quest. I'm okay with that because I'm actually charged up from the search for something to get excited about.

Yeah, one of the McD's I visited was the one right beside the new Viera Chick-fil-a. There were a few employees directing traffic in the parking lot, and against reason, I drove into there instead of the more-available, less-busy McD -- I guess that I was ready to be immersed.

So I went into Chick-fil-a -- packed as expected on their Grand Opening Day. There were balloons everywhere, and they had their cow mascot mingling with the crowd dining in. I wasn't really hungry but wanted to purchase something; I ended up just getting a small plush cow ($3):

and a couple quick pictures of the inside:

The dining area was what you'd expect: clean, but not particularly exciting (once the balloons come down).

As for the McDonald's across the street that I went to next... their clean, dark earthy-toned interior was impressive with its stone facades, wooden railings, and fireplace! They had a great selection and variety of seating, used their space well, and did provide a transportative environment -- it had a lodge-ish feel. I have to say that I'm again very impressed by many of the renovations McDonald's have implemented to stay competitive in the fast-food market (LINK: my DAK McD article). It's just been pleasant visits and my current place-to-go-to.

[I didn't take pictures of the new interior of this McD's, but it's not far from my house.]

It felt a little funny to be walking Happy-Meal-in-hand to my car at Chick-fil-a parking lot, especially when there was such a contrast in business. And on my way out, the cow mascot had escaped the building and was mingling with the cars lined-up for the drive-thru.

So, I made it home having adopted three new plushes and having ingested two hamburgers and two child-sized drinks -- and I got apple slices instead of french fries (to be healthy).

I suspect that I'll be back to there at least once sometime this weekend, which I haven't defined yet -- am I staying the night at Pom's?, am I coming home after TM officer training? -- I'm needing a Melbourne weekend to catch up and also prepare -- I signed up for a prepared speaker role for next Wednesday's meeting (a "canned" speech about "Going Beyond Our Club"). I suspect that I'm heading back to Melbourne right afterwards.

Anyways, it's past time for bed. G'night :)

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