Monday, August 17, 2009

GYM: Solid Volley

Tonight was a really good night for volleyball. Everyone was focused, and we had a good three-team rotation going on. I played with some of the non-regulars because I wanted to mix it up and keep a rounded perspective. And tonight I think that I did well. I only missed one serve, otherwise play was pretty solid.
CBJ and the Valley Damsels (VDs... [that's an unfortunate acronym]) weren't there but LJ was, and he played much better without the distractions. The bears were also back, as were many of the regulars.

One of the new guys was a looker though -- and I dub thee LBG. He has a good voice and soft edgy confidence. A good addition to the group; hopefully he becomes a regular. [not that I ever try anything anyways]

Tonight I arrived a few minutes early and got 5 laps in above. Then I took off early (9:15pm) to run another 10 more. I'm just getting back into running and the air upstairs was cold. I'll just try to run more consistently -- and to ease the pressure of it, I'll probably abridge my notes of those outings here on the blog (fewer SC pics).
Anyways, I went directly to the gym from a visit to the Health First Toastmasters for their Humorous Speech Contest; it was my first time there, but I did see a lot of familiar faces -- half of the 16 people there. It was a good time, and I was glad to be able to take some pictures of the contestants/winners afterwards.
Work was fine today. Ron brought in some Panera bagels to celebrate his promotion, and I brought in some rice crispy treats to... also celebrate his promotion (sure, why not?). With all this free food, I still felt like I needed some sort of cheer-me-up... sugar-crashing? Maybe I just need to bring a box of Triscuits to work. I felt like I should've gotten more done, but I'm working on integrating the changes from other people's PTRs -- this could get dicey, and I'm in need for some stable progress. We'll see.
That's about it for now. I need to get a shower then start creating the program for our club's evaluation contest Wednesday. So, I have to say "G'night for now."


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