Wednesday, August 12, 2009

GYM: Run Instead Volley

It's Wednesday, so that means Toastmasters and Volleyball, and this time Toastmasters won out by a long margin.

For today's meeting, I presented a speech titled "Let's Go Sailing" about going beyond our club (from the Successful Club Series). I talked about sailing the 7 3 C's -- Club Ambassador Program, Contests, and Conferences -- and I gave it speaking like a pirate. I also had prizes, and the speech was well-received. It energized the rest of the day at work, which included staying a couple hours extra to make even more progress on my work (I'm coding!). It was a really good day at work.

As for volleyball, I fortunately arrived late. There were a number of basketballers there (who were being Major donkeys); this made for some incredibly obnoxious play. After they left, play was better but some of the people were still... unfocused; even though there was again no smoker or skinny dude -- plus the fact that tonight I scared off Larry Craig -- the damsels were still feeding the hormone soup, even being on separate sides.
It was still more than I could/wanted to handle. I quickly found myself complaining a lot more than my Ideal Me would, so I decided to take control of the situation. I opted off of the court and went upstairs and ran a couple miles on the indoor track. I really needed the miles, even if it was a simple two, but more-so I needed the time to refresh and get back down to the basics. Afterwards I made a quick stop at the court before heading home early. I spent an hour at the gym total.

Getting back to the first [and happier] part of the day, work was actually really good. Asides from the optimistic Toastmasters meeting, I managed to get to and through a code checkpoint (successful testing!). I'm doing work that I'm excited about, and I'm looking forward to accomplishing the rest of it.

Also, I'm enjoying the work environment. I think that our program is probably one of the closest teams in the company. With injury, bereavement, engagement, coming out (of sorts), and other events happening recently, we're like one big family. We can and do tease other, as we also support and encourage. Plus, I'm really liking Kendal as an officemate; we're both quirky and open to distraction, and we both give each other quick feedback.

Also a plus for today was all of the free food -- a Blueberry Muffin blueberry muffin (from Kendal), expired snack bags of chips (from Petrowski), and some leftover customer lunch (beef tips and mashed potatoes). Even out of the office, there was more free food. Being the last day to use the free Chick-fil-a sandwich coupon I got in the mail (new store promotion), I stopped by there and was handed a bag with two sandwiches; I told them I only ordered one and tried to give it back but was told to just take them because otherwise they'd still have to throw them away. Woo! In addition, just for ordering, the cashier gave me a voucher for a free Chick-fil-a breakfast item. Whee! (I haven't had to pay for food there yet!)

Lots of productivity, a nurturing work environment, and free food. What more could you ask for?!

That said, the status of my volleyball participation is in dire straits after this week, which is disappointing because beach volleyball was a lot of fun (omg, my face was peeling all week at the office). I really do need to concentrate on getting my mileage up. I'm looking at the Disneyland Half in less than a month and the OUC Half later this season. This doesn't even mention the increase demands of Toastmasters and the temptation to try for the top ambassador spot.

A lot to think about. Oh goodness... and a high school reunion trip in a couple weeks! I keep on forgetting.

I have a long weekend. I know that I want to do at least one marathon Disney trip (probably Friday), then I could do it again on Saturday (I've been seriously Jonesing a trip all week after a couple weekends away [seriously!]) but would also be happy just spending in Melbourne and getting with some friends from work.

Anyways, I have to stop rambling and get a move on on the running club's meeting minutes tonight (and shower and eat).

G'night for now.

PS - Random note: last weekend, I replace my lawnmower's spark plug, and that was the fix; the trimmer needs a new spring, which I'll have to order online.

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