Monday, August 10, 2009

GYM: Cecky Volleyballl

Today after work, I went up to Cocoa for the SCR Monthly Board Meeting, which went quite smoothly, and I don't think that the minutes will be too difficult to write. I went straight to the gym for volleyball, where yeah, there wasn't the creepy old guy, but the mix was just... unfocused and progressively frustrating. There was only 15, so there were no teams, which I think would've helped with the focus, but no. And to think that I was looking forward to playing tonight. It was still nice to see some people there, but Dah.
Seriously, you can't have CBJ and a couple of teen-aged girls on the same side of the court at the same time; CBJ was fine, but the girls were valley damsels. I was seriously ready to just play some volleyball. The hormone stew that was tonight also involved someone who usually plays well but tonight was donkey. It was absolutely frustrating, and I wanted to leave early -- I had minutes to transcribe and a speech to write.

I'm seriously having a beer tonight in the shower then going to get to work.

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