Monday, August 24, 2009

JOURNAL: An Awre+ of Awesome Evening

I just had an awesome awesome evening.
And it all started this morning. I got to work on time and had a moderately productive day. I brought in some Smore Crispies and a large tray of additional desserts (half rice crispies, half brownies). I also took my car to the garage where they replaced the gas pedal block (they gave me the old one!).

Also resolved were a lot of plans for the upcoming California trip -- D23 baby! -- hotel, tickets, flight... all resolved! Now, it's a matter of not thinking of how much all that and the car fix cost.

Anyways, I left work on time, returned some stuff at Advanced Auto Part and did a little research at Office Depot for a new camera -- all before the Advanced Communicators Club TM meeting. It was a good contest, and I was glad to help. It was funny afterwards because everyone was like "I'll see you Wednesday" or "I'll see you Thursday"... these people get around! And I really feel like one of them -- 8 different clubs in 8 days.

Next was volleyball, but I made a quick stop by Best Buy to check out their digital camera selection. I'm narrowing it down.

When I got to the gym, I got changed and then went to the court where there were 30+ people there (4 teams with rotation). Wow. I wasn't super-anxious to play. I just felt some nice energy around and just socialized for a bit, then I was in. I joined a team of 5 guys and one of my favorite girls, Kelly, and it was really awesome. Even though many of the guys were new-ish, we all played very well together and nearly swept the rest of the field -- our third match ended in a 14-14 tie as it was the end-of-night. I had some nice sets and actually had a perfect serve (all good!). We had a good blush of encouragement, and it was pretty fantastic.

And for note, CBJ was there but didn't play too much of a factor in tonight. Blood donor was there in a team with 6 girls, and they had their volleyball chants. It was mentioned to me that the scene was a bit high-school -- maybe... like one of those Bring It On / unreal fake high schools. It was entertaining.

[Also, of some note: +R was wearing a ring tonight. Oh well, it doesn't hurt just to look.]

Afterwards, Kirk, Susan, Cara, and I met up with Vivi at Uno's for a drink and some appetizers -- and we totally had the food pics.

One thing I've learned from hanging out with them is that realtors are a lot of fun. Well, hanging out with a lot of extroverts is fun, and that's one reason I love this group. We embrace our experiences and perspectives.

I'll miss them these next few weeks with all my traveling, though I should be able to make it to volleyball next Monday.

After Uno's, I filled up my gas tank (yeah, the week of high-revs did eat up fuel) then stopped by Wal-Mart to get cereal for work. Of course, I didn't just get cereal. I had a neatly stuffed hand basket; I stocked up on coupon-ed deals and saved over $14 (in coupons!).

Now I'm home, about to take a shower and call it a night. I would say that I have high hopes for tomorrow, but I'm afraid of jinxing it.

[Just checked my facebook, and someone informed me that Cat Cora made a link on her blog to my AllEars article about Kouzzina! (I am so giddy!)]

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