Sunday, August 23, 2009

GYM: Amply Bright and Rainy Run

(the title is a reference to both the weather and my clothes)

This morning, I slept in until 10am, which was refreshing. I cleaned up a little here and there then, in my quest for 13.1 miles this weekend, I went to the gym since it was already near-mid-day.
There were some clouds in the sky -- the weather line very evident -- but I made it to the gym in time. I ran a 5-lap set then I could see the downpour and lightning through the large windows. I got some water, ran another 5-lap set, then tried the treadmill. That lasted 0.22 miles before I went back to the track. 8-laps. Rest. 8-laps. Rest. 2-laps. Then I was out.

There was a light drizzle as I stepped out, but that was gone before I had even crossed the street. My front upper-hip area on my right was feeling sore -- probably from all of the turns. And I walked the last quarter-mile home. All in all, I believe I ran 4.2 miles (???), which leaves 3.37 miles on the table. Oh well. I'm not in it to hurt myself.

Here's a couple more sweaty stoic ceddy pics:

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