Sunday, August 02, 2009

RUN/WALK: 4.20 @32:??+, Barnes<-->Viera, Rockledge, FL

I almost made the entire day without leaving the house. I knew I had to get out at some point otherwise feel like the day was wasted. So I went to Lowe's to make progress with my lawnmower+ issues.
I picked up a new air filter and a spark plug for the mower and a couple items to fix the sprinkler in the backyard. As for the trimmer, I'll probably have to order new parts via the Troybilt website. Dah. Oh well.

I had planned on running in Rockledge -- a change of scenery -- and decided to run between Barnes and Viera Blvds. This evening's mood was set by a pompous driver who tried to cut in front of me to get to a parking lane. Road raging in a parking lot... not the smartest or most diplomatic move. And in my encounters with other pedestrians during the run, I couldn't count on having a smile returned. This wasn't Charleston, and this wasn't Disney World.

Anyways, of the 4 miles, I ran the first two without stopping (yay!), ran the third with only a couple brief breaks, and walked the majority of the fourth. I felt that there was more "ugly running" this time, but it's still an improvement on recent efforts. I listened to Bravehound again and wore the EotD tech shirt for the first half.

I was hydrated enough and tried to concentrate on breathing but wasn't used to being out-of-breath. I had good form when I was running at a faster click. I just look/feel awkward when I'm jogging.

Motivation was still lacking. I might need to run with people -- Thursday night fun runs at the Running Zone, Saturday morning causeway runs with the Beta group, or early-morning Sunday long runs in Cocoa -- there are so many opportunities.

That said, I may have to have more Melbourne weekends, which I may be good with... at least until the International Food & Wine Festival (Sept. 25 - Nov. 8, 2009) or until I need a stronger dose of positive reinforcement (Kirk!)...

Okay, I may need to do another day trip to the parks next weekend.

Here are tonight's on-location pics:

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