Sunday, August 02, 2009

JOURNAL: Weekend in Review

Okay, it's close to bedtime, so I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

I think that this three-day weekend went well. I managed to get an amazing lot accomplished... quite a few procrastinated tasks performed and staying in good spirits.
I completed my Teenie Beanie Baby search Thursday night after work and also managed to post on a funny Gentleman's Club sign pic then went to bed early.

Friday, I went for an early/not-early-enough run then completed a round of Orlando (UCF area, Downtown Orlando, I-Drive Outlets, DHS/Epcot). I came home to Melbourne that night.

I slept in on Saturday then posted Friday's trip report before setting off bug bombs and escaping to the movie theater to watch the latest Harry Potter (great cinematography, but overall meh), then I went for a run.

And today, I slept in again then watched at least half-a-dozen episodes of MacGyver while re-washing all the dishes/utensils in the kitchen. I put the bedsheets back on the beds in the guest room and finished putting together a project I was doing for our Toastmasters club before making a quick catch-up post of my friend Herb's garden. I went to Lowe's to pick up some stuff for my troubled lawn mower then went for a run. I re-fashioned the back sprinkler when I got home then gave myself a haircut before jumping into the shower.

When I'm at home for stretches of time, I like to cook. It's mostly frozen foods, but it's still all good. Having a temporary crown since Thursday morning hasn't hampered the hobby too much; I just know to stay away from hamburgers and other sandwiches.

Anyways... that was my weekend, and I've gotta get ready for bed since I can't sleep in tomorrow.


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Cedric said...

Did I really run all three days this weekend? Yay!

(still, total, it's less mileage than what my sisters ran just on Saturday morning)