Sunday, October 25, 2009

DISNEY RACE: Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror 13K @1:15:53, DHS, FL

[NOTE: This entry contains the SUSPECTS, CLUES, & REVEAL for the 2009 Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror 13K & 5K Race Mystery.


Saturday, October 24, 2009
The Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror 13K race was so much fun!

The 13K race began at 10:30pm (the 5K started at 10:15pm), but I got there at 8:15pm just to look around for clues. I also wanted to get pictures of/with the suspects who were mingling amongst the crowd. I met a fellow suspect-enthusiast, and soon, my new friend Beth and I were running around taking turns taking our picture with them. They all looked so suspicious. Here's my set:

Me with Detective Willie Ketcham (left)
and Otto Von Bonn Bahn (right)

Me and Shelby Mayer

Me and Talullah Fruiti

Me and Roman Holiday

Me and Jack Diamond

Sandi (left, friend from the D23 Sip & Stroll) and Me with
Bucky GreenHorn (2nd from left) and Francis Floot (right)

Those were the only suspects we managed to round-up. Still on the lam were following: Minerva Lipwhistle, Ready Freddy Fiddlesticks, Paige Turner, Francis Floot, Honey Darline, and Vladimir Pooey.

There were some runners in costume. There was a some bunnies, a Goofy, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Harry Potter and Hermione, [Where's] Waldo, Richard Simmon's #1 Fan, a Semi-Pro, and a white guy in a tink costume.

I dressed up as "The Invisible Pedestrian"/"The Human Shadow", and Beth was dressed up as "Stinkerbell" (her friend's endearing name for her).

And we ran into even more suspicious characters like Sandi from last weekend's D23 event (shown above), and here with me and Beth:

and there was Cyndi, president of the Space Coast Runners:

and my neighbors Pat & Linda:

So much love and fun!
Asides from the characters, there were other activities in the race staging area. For instance, there was a hotel register for everyone to sign:

And there was one guy passing out small hotel key magnets and another guy passing out Tower of Terror 13K tattoos. There were tables, spray bottles, and paper towels set up for the latter.

Plus, there was a DJ playing some music and making race announcements.

Anyways, just my own record here, the race went well. I started with the 11:00-13:00 pacers, which was okay. The course was good though narrow at times in the sports complex. Running with a cape wasn't as easy as I'd imagine but I managed but was still fun. And I did meet my goal of sub 9:30-pace in order to make the press conference.

My stats:
Bib #2333
Chip 1:15:53 (9:23.6/mile)
Clock 1:18:06
Overall 741/3247 (22.8%)
Male 503/1385 (36.3%)
Age 66/166 (39.8%)

But anyways, what you really care about are the CLUES right? Well, here they are... the first three were in the race staging area, the next five at Disney's Wide World of Sports, and the next three were back in Disney's Hollywood Studios. Enjoy!

And here's a race number with the suspects. Feel free to PRINT IT OUT and play along.

Clue #1: Hotel Register

"Eliminate the suspect who left their mark here."
(Lip print -> Minerva Lipwhistle)

Clue #2: Spira Tent

"We are raising the bar and providing great footwear for you! Now that's what you must do."
(Read the columns from bottom to top: ELIMINATEFRANCISFLOOTNOW -> Francis Floot)

Clue #3: Pre-Race Staging Area

"My Dearest Stone,

I know someone is looking
to take you out!
But it isn't me.

(Remove the X's -> Honey Darling)

Clue #4: Disney's Wide World of Sports Trail

"Listen For The Clue"

("e val di mure pwoo..." rotated syllables -> Vladimir Pooey)

Clue #5: On Track

Cheerleaders with cheerboards "FR","UI","TI" and Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti" playing in the background.

(Spells out suspect's name -> Talullah Fruiti)

Clue #6: Horse Generator in Parking Lot

Rebus Puzzle: Sea Shell, Honey Bee, Female Horse
("Shell" + "Bee" + "Mare" -> Shelby Mayer)

Clue #7: Musical Reindeer

Reindeer with Green Trumpets
(Green Horn -> Bucky Greenhorn)

Clue #8: World Drive

"Find the missing letter.


N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z"
(The 'X' is missing -> The Ex-Girlfriend [Paige Turner])

Clue #9: Hollywood Studios Backlot

"T _ E
C _ _ K
Just add Water."
(Water = H20, Add an 'H' and 2 'O's -> The Cook [Otto Von Bonn Bahn])

Clue #10: Hollywood Studios Buildings

Stilted Violinists
(Violin = Fiddle, Stilts = Sticks -> Ready Freddy Fiddlesticks)

Clue #11: The Hollywood Tower

Playing Card projected on the side of the building.
(Jack of Diamonds -> Jack Diamond)

So what does that mean? Who did it? To find out, check out the video of Detective Willie Ketcham's Press Conference at the Sorcerer's Hat:

The Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror 13K was SO much fun, and I wish Disney had kept the race. But I'm glad that it had such a lively, spectacular send off. And I look forward to next year's Wine & Dine Nighttime Half-Marathon, which should be an interesting race for runners and challenge for the coordinators.

Anyways, thank you so much Disney Endurance Sports for a great event!

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I wish that I was in shape and knew about this before, so much fun I missed. Glad you enjoyed it :)
Sherri F

Kathy said...

Thanks for the excellent pictures...we missed the lips on the registry....In all the pictures we took, none of us had the 'clue' sign from the registry..So, we had it down to Lipwhistle and Roman..It's nice to know what we missed...THANKS!