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JOURNAL/RUN: Tower of Terror 13K Eve

[NOTE: This entry contains the STORY, RULES, & SUSPECTS for the 2009 Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror 13K & 5K Race Mystery.


It's a little past midnight, and I've just run 2.97 miles (Home <-LL-> WM+Stores [CCW]) in about 23 minutes. And to think, I'll be running this same time tomorrow night, but an extra 5 miles and wearing tights and a cape. Tomorrow night is The Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror 13K at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and it's a good excuse for wearing a costume. No, I'm not going dressed up as Superman. I'm going to be "The Human Shadow" -- I'm wearing all in black... black shoes, black socks, black tights, black shorts, black underwear, black shirt, black gloves, and a long black cape. I'm just a little paranoid about somehow getting disqualified.

Anyways, this is the third and last year that Disney's holding the Tower of Terror race [-- to make room more new exciting events]. The first year, there were people dressed like escaped insane asylum inmates roaming the Wide World of Sports Complex (funny) and some wicked awesome Oreo brownies at the finish. Last year, I think there may have been one place along the course where you could have a photo op with some villains (kinda lame) but we saw a guy dressed up like a Spartan (yay!). But this year, the race has a pretty involved and quite interesting story attached...

In an email leading up to the race, we were introduced to Stone Granite, movie star extraordinaire, who personally invited us to The Hollywood Tower Hotel's All Hallows Eve Celebrity Bash. Then in subsequent correspondence, the plot thickens and the mystery trap is set. See for yourself.

October 6, 2009

The Hollywood Tower Hotel is pleased to announce our annual All Hallows Eve Celebrity Bash!

On Saturday, October 24, you will have a chance to see and be seen by anyone who's anyone in Hollywood! This year's spectacular soiree will be hosted by none other than the matinee idol, the debonair and mysterious Stone Granite - it's the one occasion you can't miss! Here is your personal invite from Stone himself! -

"Hello my admirers, I Stone Granite, movie star extraordinaire - enamored by women, envied by men - am offering you an exclusive invitation to THE party of the year! Don't disappoint!"
So drop everything and come to the Hollywood Tower Hotel for this once in a lifetime experience!


Rob Sterling
General Manager
Hollywood Tower Hotel

October 12, 2009

Reporter Bert Menken here with a late-breaking story ---

The Hollywood Tower's "All Hallows Eve Celebrity Bash" is quickly becoming the party of the century! Stars, would be stars, and has been stars are planning on having a flat-out good time!

Stone Granite (one of the biggest names in Hollywood!), his famous agent Jack Diamond, would be star Ready Freddie Fiddlesticks, and has been stars Talullah Fruiti and Roman Holiday are among the names attending! This is something you've got to get with, kid! It's gonna be a doozer! Even the mayor of Hollywood himself, Shelby Mayer, has counted himself to be among the lucky ones invited to the gala.

You don't want to miss out - October 24 is right around the corner - I'll see you there!

Bert Menken
News Reporter
Hollywood Tower Hotel

October 19, 2009

From the offices of Detective Willie Ketcham, HPD -

This just in!!!

Stone Granite, host of this year's Hollywood Tower Hotel "All Hallows Eve Celebrity Bash," has gone missing!! Missing I say!

It is feared that he was kidnapped during his morning run. I need EVERYONE to make tracks and assist with this investigation. You will all be summarily deputized when you arrive at the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

You will retrace the suspected route of Stone Granite's morning run. I am convinced that there are clues out there that will reveal the true identity of the kidnapper.

I've narrowed the suspect list down to 12. Help me put the finger on the perpetrator! This is how it works....

Download the list of suspects and mystery tour rules. (information below)

The mystery tour is for your entertainment throughout the event and along the 13K and 5K course. You are not required to participate in the mystery tour and the mystery tour will not affect your race results or eligibility for awards. Mystery tour results will not be scored and no prizes or awards will be given.
  • On the other side of this page, there is a list of 12 suspects in the Stone Granite kidnapping case.
  • As you retrace the steps of Stone Granite’s morning run you will be given clues to help you eliminate the suspects.
  • Clues will relate to the name of the suspect or the suspect’s “occupation.” Clues will not refer to a suspect’s motive.
  • Clues may be visual or audio.
  • Clues will be positioned in the pre‐race “Check‐In” area and throughout the 5K and 13K course.
  • The clues regarding the potential guilty parties will be indicated by a light marked “Clue.”
  • If you see a clue that relates to a suspect, then that suspect can be eliminated.
  • The names of the suspects will be on your race bib. As you eliminate a suspect, just punch out the name.
  • Remember, if a clue leads to a suspect, that individual is to be eliminated from suspicion in the Stone Granite case.
  • The last remaining person, the one not seen or alluded to during the event, is the guilty party.
  • The answer to the mystery will be unveiled at Detective Willie Ketcham’s Midnight Press Conference and Award Ceremony!

    This is the list of suspects that Detective Willie Ketcham and his sidekick Officer Percival Peabody have narrowed the investigation down to. Unfortunately, every suspect has his or her motivations to kidnap Stone Granite ...

    Jack Diamond, Stone’s Agent
    Possible motive: Rumored to owe Stone large sum of money from a gambling debt

    Honey Darling, Rising Star
    Possible motive: In love with Stone but her love is unrequited

    Talullah Fruiti, Has been star
    Possible motive: Rumored Stone was going to reveal her true age to the press

    Minerva Lipwhistle, Faded Star
    Possible motive: Stone stepped in her handprints in front of the Chinese Theatre before the cement was set

    Shelby Mayer, Mayor of Hollywood
    Possible motive: Former Stone agent, was fired by Stone

    Francis Floot, Best boy on Stone’s last movie
    Possible motive: Supposedly snubbed by Stone at cast party

    Roman Holiday, Former matinee idol
    Possible motive: Set to star in new big film that would put him back on top until Stone took the role from him; rumored to have made the producer an offer he could not refuse.

    Vladimir Pooey, Foreign director
    Possible motive: Stone turned down leading role in his only film, a flop

    Paige Turner, EX‐girlfriend and Script girl
    Possible motive: Dumped by Stone in a humiliating public scene

    Ready Freddy Fiddlesticks, Would be star
    Possible motive: In love with Paige Turner, is said to want to avenge her broken heart.

    Otto Von Bonn Bahn, The cook at the hotel
    Possible motive: Stone hates his Weiner Schnitzel, complains loudly to food critics about it and threw it against the wall the last time he had it.

    Bucky Greenhorn, Stone’s chauffer
    Possible motive: Granite never tips him

    Cedric (aka, "The Human Shadow" / "The Invisible Pedestrian"): This should be fun! I'm going to try to run with camera and take pictures/video of the clues... we'll see how many I actually get. Also, with the race starting at 10:30pm, it may actually be a challenge to even make it to Detective Willie Ketcham's Press Conference at 12:00am. I will have to maintain a sub-10:30/mile pace while wearing cape and toting camera to have enough time to make it down Sunset after the race to the Sorcerer's Hat. Wish me luck!

    [NOTE: Click HERE for the SUSPECTS, CLUES, & REVEAL]


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    khesser said...

    Hey there... do you know who the kidnapper was? We missed the press conference riding Toy Story. I had it down to Jack Diamond and Roman holiday but for some reason we ran past the last clue right before the finish.

    Cedric said...

    howdy khesser,
    here's a link to my youtube of detective willie ketcham's press conference --

    i'm planning on making a post tonight recapping the race with pictures/vids of all the clues. for a sneak peek of the two audio clues along the course, check out these links (enjoy!) --

    Listen for the Clue --

    Tutti Frutti --


    Anonymous said...

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