Saturday, October 31, 2009

RUN/WALK: 3.62 miles @??:??, Home<-LL->Ave Light, Melbourne, FL

Happy Halloween!

This year, I didn't do anything. I stayed at home with the lights off as I finished and submitted the first half of my report on D23's Sip & Stroll event a couple weeks ago. To celebrate, I went for a run, now that I had one less thing to use to procrastinate other things.

Today, in the mail, I received a "Timex iControl Ironman Watch with iPod Control" I ordered from, and tonight I tried it out. I plugged the sensor to the bottom of my iPod, and I was able to use my watch to start/stop the music (Ep #150 of the Netcot podcast) and adjust the volume, which was major cool. I don't think I can bring that into work though...

Anyways, I ran in my orange running shirt (thin, no zipper) and slate/teal shorts. It was around 9:30pm and there didn't seem to be many kids out. I was also wearing my newest running shoes with no special insole inserts. The padding on my left foot was uncomfortable from the start, so I eased up a bit. I walked quite a bit and was on the brink of a stomach cramp but survived.

Not a bad outing. Not great either. But it made me wonder how I got through 8+ miles last Saturday... in a cape... carrying a camera.

Anyways, I fixed my kitchen faucet this week. I want to post about that, but tomorrow I'm treating myself to Disney (yes, again). The main reason is that I want a weekly brochure from the Food & Wine Festival (the color's different each week). And yes, that's basically the only reason. Well, maybe I'll try catching the new Princess Tiana's Showboat Jubilee. I also have two months to use up two park tickets and two tickets to DisneyQuest.

Anywho, I need to get to bed. I guess that's where my extra hour will go to. I'll just put in a half-day at the parks... go do what I need to then come on home.

Happy Halloween. Here's the sweaty pic:

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