Sunday, November 15, 2009

JOURNAL: Dog Wash Run / RUN: 5.16 miles, Home<-LL->WWTP, Melbourne, FL

Today was a fine day. I spent the night on Pom's couch and was able to sleep in until 10:30am. Then she made breakfast as we watched Top Chef and some History Channel. After that, I resisted the urge to head back to the parks, and I drove home.

I went out to get a book of poetry from the library only to find it was closed on Sundays. I also wanted to get my oil changed, but the two places I had coupons for were also closed. Then I saw that the new Top Dog Express Car Wash near my house also did oil changes. I pulled in only wanting to know how much an oil change was, but I quickly caved and let them have at it. And I have to say that I was incredibly impressed.

The staff was incredibly nice and professional (also: young, clean, attentive). I was in the car the entire time ("due to insurance reasons, customers must remain in their car the entire time") and that wasn't for too long. They were quick and efficient -- their communication with each other for each step of the service was pretty awesome.

They also checked my car's fluids and air filter then took the time to go over this with me. One of the guys also check my car's cabin air filter (behind the glove compartment), and it turned out to be incredibly dirty (it's been 155K+ miles); I was fine with getting it replace there because it was a good find, and I felt like they were doing a good job making me comfortable throughout this process.

It was like an auto-shop version of Chic-fil-a.

Included with the oil change was a free car wash -- and it was a really nice one too. It was one where you put your car in neutral and your car is guided through a series of sprayers and wet noodles.
Then, I drove around and some workers hand-dried the car, brushed the tires, and worked to remove some of the bugs from the hood.

It was like a D23 Oil Change/Car Wash -- it felt very VIP.

Anyways, I hope that they didn't set my expectations too high. It really was very good service, and I'll definitely be back in another 3,000-4,000 miles.

So, I drove home feeling really good -- I saved a lot of time; my cabin air filter was now clean and smelling of lemon. And I translated this good feeling into getting changed and back outside to mow the lawn, which was relatively easy this time around. And then, I changed shoes and grabbed the music (NPR: Most-emailed stories) and headed out for an extended run.

Tonight, I ran from my house to the roundabout then west until the sidewalk ended (entrance of the waste water treatment plant). I stopped briefly a few times, mostly because I found the run to be boring, but otherwise think that I did well -- I had a couple sprint stretches. Perhaps I should go easy on the Orlando weekends and instead do the Saturday morning causeway run with co-workers and then the Sunday long runs up in Cocoa with the running club.

Anyways, here's tonight's picture of me. It's time for bed.


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