Thursday, November 12, 2009

RUN: 3.07 miles @??:??, Home<-LL->WM+?, Melbourne, FL

Tonight, I went for a late night run (11:30pm). It was chilly outside, so I wore my State Champion sweatshirt and Goofy sweatpants. I ran with music (iPod: BEP & BH) and just ran 3 miles (non-standard 2nd mile). I also ran with a couple lozenges since the top-back of my throat suddenly felt weird. Oh well, I boiled a chicken and made a lot of porridge, so I should be good to go.

It was a busy and productive week at work -- one PTR in review, started design on another. I did a peer review and some preliminary coding. Toastmasters was good on Wednesday -- we had a guest, new member inductions, prepared speeches (funny), table topics, evaluations, and certificates! Overall, a smoothly-run and full meeting that ended on time.

It's been relatively calm at work. My officemate has been spectacular. The Dreamer-Relater dynamic is working. And I get the empathy that I need sans partner. I'm looking forward to a busy weekend -- an UP dinner at Jordan's tomorrow (Friday), then a long easy day at the parks (prob just MK and DTD) on Saturday, then brunch with Pom on Sunday.

I'm going to take a shower and then see if I can't submit Part II of my Sip & Stroll report (which I feel is past due). Anyways, here's a couple sweaty ceddy pics from tonight. Enjoy!


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