Thursday, December 24, 2009

RUN: 5.33 miles @untimed, Home<-LL->Stdm Pkwy Loop (CCW), Melbourne, FL

Happy Christmas Eve!

[had to use MapMyRun because Gmap-Pedometer has been buggy
along with a lot of other Google tools]

This morning, I was feeling the results of two long runs after two weeks of not running. If my legs were feeling like this after a 6.60- and 5.35-mile run, how will it feel after a 13.1- and 26.2-mile run? Anyways, it's been a very nice Melbourne day. I ran some errands (shopping) which was fine given the circumstances. At WalMart, my legs weren't particularly well-working but my arms were... (that didn't sound right) -- I was crossing the street when a woman talking on her cellphone in her SUV almost ran me over. I slapped the back of her car and felt good that I did.

I did a load of laundry, made a big batch of Chex Mix (my 5th or 6th batch this season), watched some Alias (almost done with Season 4), and worked on my report. The report has been quite daunting, and I just need to press on and get through it... I don't want it taking up my entire holiday.

Coworkers, friends, and others have been concerned with my decision to stay in town for the holidays and about the possibility of me spending Christmas alone. Personally, I don't think that I would have much of an issue with it. Still, I received a few invitations, and I've decided to accept one -- to spend some time with my volleyball friend Susan and her family. She's been a great friend and very supportive since day one, and I appreciate her and all my other friends at the gym. And I'm looking forward to some great food and great company tomorrow.

Anyways, about tonight's run... I went out with a goal of an untimed 2-mile just to get my legs loose again, and I did start off gimp-ish and short-strided, but when I reached the side of WalMart, my legs were feeling warmed up, and I just kept going. I ran sans watch, sans music, sans shirt, and sans skull cap. I did wear windpants and decided en route to convert my large long-sleeved OUC Half tech into a sleeveless as a project sometime later this holiday. My new shoes are feeling good.

I very happy that I ran without stopping (except for minor traffic near one of the churches); and I'm not as worried about the Goofy... (in a couple weeks? holy!).

Also, like the past couple nights, I went out for a run when I was starting to feel really tired, and I think that my body settles into a good, happy state right before it thinks it's going to bed (yeah, it's going to catch on and punish me later). Still, this self-oriented insight is encouraging.

Alright, I'm going to get cleaned up and put some food in me... maybe a drink too (I replenished my stock of spirits this afternoon)... caramel apple anyone? It's going to be a good evening... probably finish up Alias S4 and put in another couple hours on the report before getting to bed.

Here's tonight's sweaty ceddy pics (I miss my other camera):

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