Friday, December 25, 2009

RUN: ~2 miles @7:29 & 6:51, Home<-LL->WM, Melbourne, FL

Merry Christmas!

Tonight was my fourth day of running in a row, and my legs are starting to not like me very much... jk, they have a high tolerance level. Anyways, I just went out for a quick two -- a pseudo-timed mile out and mile back.

I ran sans music or anything asides from a long-sleeve tech and "normal" running shorts. The weather was nice -- night-cloudy but not cold -- and my body was feeling a little dehydrated but fine enough.

The roundabout was deserted so I didn't have to stop. I ran the entire way. I clocked a steady 7:29. Within half-a-minute, I was on my way back, trying to run a negative split. My motivation level was above average, and I also ran the entire way back, shaving 38 seconds off. I felt good with just the two miles. I'm getting tired of this course.

On the last stretch of Lake Andrew, a truck passed me, and it had Christmas lights lining its bed. That was cool.

Here's a sweaty ceddy gif(!):

Anyways, I didn't spend Christmas alone. I went over to Volleyball Susan's parents' house and spent the afternoon with her extended family -- parents, uncles, sisters, nephews, in-laws. I don't remember a Christmas being around so much family. It was really heart-warming and nice. Everyone got along and they had their traditions -- whiskey shot before dinner, Polish food (sauerkraut-, plum-, and peach-filled pierogies), scratch-off lottery cards, and camera-ing. There was a lot of diversity and love, and I appreciate them welcoming me into their home and their holiday.

In subtle contrast, my family hasn't reach that level of serenity yet. A bit chaotic, but whose isn't at some point? It's fine. Right now, it's nothing I can't handle -- like, on the way to Susan's, I got a call from my brother, and I willingly got into an argument with him. No worries on my part because I was clearly in good mind the entire time and was able to conduct some necessary discussion -- I considered it my way of giving my brother an opportunity to grow. Anyways, I really believe that had my family been able to have all gotten together this year (for Thanksgiving or Christmas), we would've been able to resolve many of our issues with each other. Anywho...

"Christmas with other families" appears to have been this year's theme, but hopefully, we each can come together soon and apply our new perspective positively and productively.

I believe that life is a series of opportunities and that from time-to-time we need to accept some of them in order to live and grow. I'm looking forward to another week to reflect... and to catch up on a lot of half-completed blog entries.

Merry Christmas.


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