Wednesday, December 23, 2009

RUN: 5.35 miles @37:23+, Home<-LL->Publix, Melbourne, FL

Two nights in a row! "long runs". Kinda slow but not totally ugly running. Tonight, I shed a lot of the clothes from last night, only doubling up on short-sleeved shirts (cotton under tech). I wore a skull cap because I hadn't gelled the hair and otherwise it would've been sticking straight up. I ran with music (Savage Love for the first half, This American Life [Rest In Peace (gloom)] for the second). I did a lot of waving to cars at intersections. One guy in a big oil tanker was friendly and waved back. I ran solid out but broke the return trip into sprints and short walks, adjusting the watch accordingly. I felt a little muscle tired but pretty good overall.

Now, I'm going to grab a quick right-after shower and get to work on the Disney article that I'm getting exponentially more anxious about. I have to do it. Anyways, I took sweaty pics but will post that afterwards to expedite this entry.

[Here're the pictures... I'm trying to smile]

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