Tuesday, December 22, 2009

RUN: 6.60 miles @58:44, Home <-LL-> Stdm Pkwy Loop (CCW) + WM+ (CW), Melbourne, FL

Oh Hai. My name is Cedric, and I used to blog here. (as Jake would say)

Yeah, it's been a while... busy at work and writing assignments that are easy anxiety fodder. But tonight I went for an hour-long run and am full of blog juice, so here I go.

Today is my holiday eve... eve. One more day of work before I am free (until Jan 4). This season, I've decided to just stay in Melbourne because family plans were too much in flux, and as hinted, I have a writing assignment looming.

Work's been challenging... more in the coordination of efforts -- I'm still trying to get everyone's story straight and figuring a path to plow forward on. Stacks of calorie-intensive holidays goodies and distractions abound -- and you'd think that dwindling office numbers prompted by the prospect of family gatherings (or justified laziness) would help, and it does, except when part of the affected are the people you need to coordinate with.

(yes, I'm rambling... better than too little?)

Anyways, one more day, and I'm looking forward to making more progress and setting myself up for a win early when we get back.

Stuff I need to catch up on: I have a post almost ready about the OUC Half Marathon earlier this month (except for the pictures & video), and I may get that completed towards the start of the true holiday; also, a few Disney trip reports, which will probably come after the big report -- this past weekend, I just got done with sorting through 1700+ photos, whittling them down to a neat 770.

Okay, about tonight's run. I hadn't run since the OUC Half a couple weeks ago. The weather had turned cold, but moreso I've been putting my pressure to work on the report ahead of my own personal well-being. And when I don't let myself out to run for a couple weeks, I really start to feel it. I've been getting more sleep these past couple nights (thanks to a new friend), and I thought that I'd capitalize on the self-pointed vividness and do this good thing.

I knew that it was really cold outside, and I didn't want to under-dress, so I wore my undies, running tights, running shorts, and sweatpants... long-sleeve cotton shirt, short-sleeved tech-shirt, and sweatshirt... two pairs of socks, gloves, and a skull cap. By mile 1.5, the gloves were off and tucked in my tights, and my sweatshirt was off and around my waist. I did run with a safety light (clipped onto the cap, so that had to stay on) and music: This American Life ("#1 Party School" episode).

Instead of being focused on the course/distance, I went out time-oriented -- I was going to run for an hour. I ran up Lake Andrew and did the Stadium Pkwy loop (CCW) sans VHS (since it was really dark). I ended up tacking on a CW WM+Stores loop, and made it home with 1:16 to spare (close enough). Traffic was heavy but not too bad.

By mile 2, my chest was feeling tight -- bad endurance, and I really felt like my form suffered. I slowed it down until I felt better then got into a better rhythm. As I was running the back stretch, I was running patient, feeling really good, and almost forgot that I was running... hence, the tacked on loop with no issues.

The weather was really quite perfect, and I wasn't hungry/thirsty/anything. I didn't really sprint it home tonight because of the leftover time and because it was a pleasant run (just right). And it was a good break-in run for my new shoes: Adidas SuperNova Glide, size 9 1/2 (they're still clean!).

Anyways, I seriously ate too many so many cookies at work today. This holiday saw quite a number giving cookies away as gifts, and they've all been delicious! I was able to take pictures of a couple of the sets -- one from my officemate and the other from another coworker's family.


Anyways, I've gotta get a shower and some food/beer in me, then perhaps another early-to-bed.

One more day. Woo!

Oh, here's the sweaty ceddy pics (clothes on because it's chilly... okay, one shirtless):

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