Friday, February 12, 2010

RUN: ?.? miles @??:??, MOM's<-->AnMed & Neighborhood, Anderson, SC

This weekend, I'm at my parents' house in SC, and I decided to go for my first run since the HFMC 5K three weeks ago. I ran with running tights and sweatshirt, and that was just about right. I didn't run very hard... I jogged some, walked some, and took a few pictures. And I just enjoyed being outside and healthy. I took the opportunity as the start of my getting back in shape -- I've been out of practice -- and perhaps I'll start P90X once I get back next week.

Anyways, halfway through the outing, it began to snow. How wonderful! Plus it meant that we'd skip tonight's Asian Valentine's Party and instead stay at home and catch the Opening Ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics!

I hope that everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day!

[I'll post the Sweaty Ceddy Kitchen pics when I get back home.]

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