Wednesday, March 17, 2010

RUN: 3.55 miles @??:??, Home<-LL+->WM (fun loops), Melbourne, FL

Tonight, I was at work until 8:45pm (got to work late, had a long TM lunch, making up a little time from yesterday...). I stopped by Chic-fil-a on the way home to pick up a free 3-pc Chic-n-Strips pack (coupon!), chowed it, changed, then was off and running to the Pro-Health for the last half-hour of operations.

I checked into the gym and was quickly recruited to fill in a spot for a 4 vs. 4. Brad was there, and he assured me that it was actually a pretty awesome night. And it kinda was. Three new faces and all with nice talent and temperament (energetic but/and controlled). Another 10 minutes, and we were 3 vs. 3. I was rusty at first but played it out. I was sure to stay back (jumped at one though *eh*), and I was 100% when it came to serving (awesome!).

Afterwards, Brad and I talked about an upcoming outing to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. I'm excited. I'm really liking him because he works hard, communicates well, and is respectful. It's in line with a trend lately that I'm finding more comfort with those who I don't necessarily share certain viewpoints with. (I'm an open-minded liberal.) Anyways, I guess that I'm digging the sense of sharing a space, effort, moment.

So I ran to the gym (blue Adidas, black tennis shorts, black Deland tech, and thin bright-yellow Anderson RRs singlet), played a half-hour of volleyball, talked with Brad, then as a light drizzle was felt, continued my run (no more drizzle, but mild chills and winds).

I ran to the WM side and decided against continuing on to The Avenue (too much away away). As I took the long way back, I really wanted over 3 miles, so when I reached the end of Lake Andrew, I turned back and ran to my neighborhood's first entrance and ran a weaving pattern through the north half of streets before looping back to the normal long route back home.

From the side of WM on, I didn't stop running -- and that's surprising me. It's definitely a confidence booster. The speed isn't there yet, but I'm was happy to last that long. I do feel some trouble in the center of my left foot (arch), but I'm going to monitor it and take tomorrow off.

During the run, I heard some rustling along the bushes along Lake Andrew -- it was deer that would sometimes spot on the road when I'm driving home at night. I just imagined one coming up and attacking me and how awesome of a story that would be. Also, I seem to have no problem spotting the Orion constellation, no matter what time or year it is... my eyes immediately find it when I step into the dark.

Anyways, I'm sure that I could ramble on and on about whatever, but I need to stop and post this before I run into a roadblock. It will feel good to finally press "Publish Post" again.

Here are tonight's sweaty Ceddy pics. Enjoy.

yeah, my kitchen floor is dirty...

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