Thursday, March 18, 2010

RUN: 3.95 miles @??:??, Home<-LL->Avenue+Lexus, Melbourne, FL

I know I said I'd rest today, but I just Had to run. Inspired by many a scholarship essay and the need of an escape, I'm reacquainting myself with how much of a wonderful stress-relief running is.

This morning, I was again late at work, but having stayed at work til 8:45pm last night, I was an hour ahead, so I was fine with leaving normal-time. I attended a TM club contest, and it was a mix of familiar and the unfamiliar. Feeling a bit over-whelmed, I realized that there were others there for whom such ambassador trips were more a common occasion. I needed to be out more anyway.

It was late coming home, with meeting minutes still needing to be done and sent out. But I figured if I was efficient with my run, photos, and this blogging, I could sneak another 3+ miles in (I want my sticker!). So I changed clothes and headed out equipped.

I ran with music (ipod: Top 25 Most Played [incl. "Nothing But a Miracle", "Walking On Snow", "1901", "Float On", "Need You Now", "Telephone", "Lazy Eye", and "Us"), and my attire (as will be shown below) reminded me of something a fellow SCR board member said to me at a race one time... "You'll never find a boyfriend dressed like that."


But I'm owning it. Plus, I'd like to find someone who'd like me despite. :)

Anyways, the run started off brisk and didn't have the benefit of a built-in break after the first 1/2 mile. I ran a little above my means but didn't stop lest a 10-second stretch after I reached The Avenue. I ran consisted throughout and even had a large-stride kick final stretch. Different from the past couple nights, I didn't really ever get my breathing down... music I was listening to was odd tempo and my pattern was off-the-beat but still somewhat regular which sustained me.

It was a good run though. Not many cars on the road, I ran down towards the Lexus as Brad suggested for last night. Plus I saw a raccoon on the sidewalk -- he gently cleared the way as I approached. If it had attacked me, that would've also been pretty cool. But he didn't.

Anyways, work was work, and I am going to miss a personal work milestone with pressures still on. Actually, this morning I was "The Calm One" in the midst of debugging a test issue. And when dealing with "to-do's" I felt like I was quite direct and able to get stuff resolved. I was a train that didn't like obstacles or distractions,... and that's probably why I was short-fused with NCAA bracket talk. (this here was my Aha moment).

One more day before the weekend. Still unknown are plans for after Saturday morning's Area Toastmasters Contest (and I need to review the script a few more times). I'd rather be able to say that I could support the afternoon contest then participate in Sunday's SCR social then go easy park-hopping with friends I haven't hung out with for over a month. I realize that I need any semblance of structure or plans in order not to go [temporarily] insane. And I know that I'm going to end up being Kid Hostage... and a somewhat willing one at that. :|

I'm sure all will turn out with an optimistic and open mind. Though I've abandoned any chance of cleaning up my house (a wreck more than usual) given no real notice. I will have it clean in a week for my little sister's visit (Baloo!).

Alright, I can't ramble too much. I have a shower to take and some minutes to knock down. Here are tonight's sweaty Ceddy pics. Enjoy.

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