Wednesday, March 24, 2010

RUN: 7.56 miles@~1:00:00, Gym<-->Viera Blvd/I-95, Viera, FL

So many choices tonight: 1) a Toastmasters meeting, 2) a PFLAG meeting, 3) volleyball, 4) run. I had to stay late(r) tonight because I got to work late and had a TM meeting over lunch; that did help rule out the first two options. And I did get myself to the gym in time for volleyball, but decided that I needed to run since I didn't yesterday (I got my taxes done instead! Woo!).

I was first thinking about running the Stadium loop a couple of times, but I figured I'd have a hard time going back for 2nds there, plus the stretch on Lake Andrew was too familiar. I needed something more remote and... exotic, so I ran up Stadium and ended up at Viera Blvd. I wanted to get back to the gym at a good time and knew I wouldn't/shouldn't run all the way to Murrell but instead compromised and ran to I-95. I ran all the entire way with a 10-second break on the bridge to take in the scenery.

I ran in shorts and took off my tech shirt after the second mile. I didn't feel great but was persistent and managed a pretty good breathing rhythm. I got back to the Pro-Health just about one hour after I left and figured 7 1/2 miles (I'm pretty good with estimating distances). I got to gym and did some stretching as some friends were finishing up volleyball. I was just enjoying the endorphins.

Tonight, we didn't head over to Uno's but ended up talking for a while under the carport. It was nice to see Kirk and Susan again, and I'll see Brad soon enough -- this Sunday for a semi-planned venture to Florida's other coast.

Anyways, sweaty Ceddy jumping pics to follow. I'm needing a haircut tonight, then maybe some food then bed. Today was a mildly-productive but good day.

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